3 ways?

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  1. I have always mixed and matched my clothes. I try to record my ideas for odd pieces. Are there really people out there who don't wear items multiple ways? the only things I can think of where I don't are 2 formal gowns and a matching silk tunic and pants from India.

  1. My take on the article was that there are people who don't know *how* to wear items multiple ways. Including me, when I first signed up for MSP. It took practice for me to choose an item and understand how it could be combined with other things for a variety of looks--that didn't come naturally to me. Even still, I sometimes get into style ruts where I only wear an item two ways, but if I look a little harder in my closet I can find at least one or two more ways to mix and match it. The photos in the articles (and elsewhere) have been helpful as style inspiration.

  2. My brain has trouble wearing the same thing, and not tweaking it.

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