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  1. I read Kathi's blog today about "if it looks fabulous on you, get it." Now I'm wondering about my shopping choice today: I went shopping today at Lord & Taylor for an evening gown. I don't shop and have to drag myself out the door to buy socks. Well there is an event tomorrow honoring my cousin, so, today, I faced the inevitable. I went shopping. I managed to find three dresses that could work, bcbg, guess, and laundry. The bcbg dress was the most flattering. The other two worked, and the guess one I didn't have to hem. Two dresses were $195. with the 70% discount, and Laundry was $88. And when I asked if there were coupons or anyway to reduce the price, she used a coupon to bring it down to $70.00. If I had good credit, I could have gotten an additional 15%, bringing it down to $59.50. I look good in this dress, (and would look better without the extra 10lbs) and I am not having buyer's remorse. But I am wondering if I should have just bit the bullet and buy the $700. dress discounted to $195. because, it did look better on me. My reasoning for going for the less expensive was, it's just for tomorrow night, and then it's over. It's good enough. And that is what's haunting me now, good enough vs great! Sigh, off to the gym, so the body will make good enough, better!

  1. Hi Dorothy ! You probably choose right. I have had similar occasion for which I had to shop and couldn't find my colors, my style, and paid too much for what was available in my size. I wore the dress only once. No other occasion to wear it, plus it was not me inside it. You made the best decision : cheap, your size, you look good but you could look fabulous with a special accessory. Have a great time !

  2. I hope you are happy with how you look and have a great time. If you had truly loved the more expensive dress then yes it would have been good to buy it. but if it was jut better and not a dream come true don't give it another thought. well don't give it another thought now anyway. what I want to say is don't be afraid to wear a best dress repeatedly. you are not being photographed for the tabloids. I have worn the same dress I splurged on for my nephew's bar mitzvah to every 2nd formal occasion for 8 years. I could have gotten 6 cheap dresses for the price but they would all have been awkward one offs.

  3. Thank you yfjapan44, and also jhisrich, You both touched on core values, and I guess I was looking to make sure my decision was balanced and good for my inner compass, for the here and now. It turns out the event was not about the dress anyway! I did make that "good enough" decision. The outcome was a wonderful, really magical night, with siblings and cousins, 19 in total who I grew up with, and am still validating my relationship with today. I looked good enough, because I was not frantic, shopping without knowing. I was calm, and patient with the process of shopping. Love to you ladies!

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