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  1. I have severe feet problems and need to wear custom orthotics and lace up shoes. The shoes that I need to wear most of the time are very casual with the look of a hiking shoe or sneakers. My feet are also large. It seems that the best thing I can wear are boot leg jeans and pants. Skinny leg pants and skirts don't work with these shoes. Do you have any ideas for this style dilemma?

  1. Could you wear flat boots with skinny leg pants - and tuck the pants inside the boots? As regards skirts, if you wore a maxi skirt occasionally your "sensible shoes" would be hidden.

  2. I have feet problems, too. I have very wide, flat feet with an ankle that turns very easily. That lets out about 99% of the shoes out there. I use Xelero shoes, which have extra support for flat feet, and a prescription from the doctor for inserts. The shoes are athletic or sandals that look like athletic shoes. So I pretty much ignore the shoes when I dress, because that's all I can do. The podiatrist said that no one makes shoes for my feet that look good, and he's unfortunately right. I wear pants or shorts--no skirts. Never was much into skirts in the first place, but they would look horrible with tennis shoes and socks. I do wear the athletic shoes with my work clothes--we have an understanding about my shoes. I don't fall down, they don't have to fill out paperwork (before I switched to what I have, I was falling once a month). I went on a cruise and attended the formal event, which always makes me a little nervous. But I wore a jumpsuit and the sandals, which I thought would look less worse than the athletic shoes. I have had to think about doubling up what I need for bottoms because I'm missing skirts. Maybe that would be good for a future article on situations where you don't have skirts as an option.

  3. anyone willing to post photos of their shoes? that might help

  4. The athletic shoe http://xeleroshoes.com/index.php/footwear/women-s-shoes/women-s-sport/matrix-women-black.html (not my current one--they had a gray one that was discontinued and I got it for $30). The sandals: http://xeleroshoes.com/index.php/footwear/women-s-shoes/sandals/bali-black.html Looks like they've been expanding on this. When I got my first pair, there were only three choices. Now there's a few more.

  5. I think maxi skirts and maxi dresses could be worn with those shoes and sandals. (I know, I've said that already). : )

  6. I too wear orthotics in my shoes. I can wear only flats because of past surgery/injuries. Am posting a photo of my favorites, which I get from SAS Shoes (I think they are also available online) because they come in a width wide enough for the insert but with exceptional quality leather and workmanship. They are not the stylish pumps, sandals, and boots that I used to wear and love, but they'll have to do. I wear these every day and have several pair in different colors. Can't stand the gummy feeling of sockless shoes, so I always wear cotton footies inside. I also have sneakers, but these go with everything, dress-up or not.


  7. I am so happy to read that I am not the only one who has "issues" with shoes. There is only one word for my orthopedic shoes (Finn Comfort) - "ugly". I must wear them all the time and MSP articles like the new one on shoes bring me to tears. My body type is "D", I am 5'2", overweight and 70 years old. I want to look stylish but my shoes ruin whatever look I try. I think maxi-skirts accentuate my height and weight, but not in a good way. I have always worn skirts and dresses but have recently changed over to jeans and dress pants for many situations...just because of my shoes. I don't feel attractive at all and this is very depressing. Any suggestions?

  8. I've been thinking about this again. MSP's usual advice is to bring the attention upwards, away from whatever you don't want to draw attention to. So, a modern hairstyle, a blouse, tunic or top in a lovely colour that suits you, a little makeup, manicure, and some earrings - these would bring attention upwards, away from the feet - and give you a boost. Colour which flatter you can help a lot.

  9. - meant to say "Colours which flatter you can help a lot". :) Best wishes.

  10. My Grandma wore what we considered frumpy shoes. (Which resemble some of the new styles, by the way.) But until she was quite old, she always had perfectly tailored shift dresses, made by herself, in good fabrics, pretty, elegant prints in flattering colors, accessorized with classy jewelry (some of them the vintage pieces I now wear), a good coat, and well cared for handbag. She smelled like Topaze and was clean and neat. She would not have been mistaken for Jessica Simpson. But she looked damn good for who she was.

  11. I have bad feet and have to wear dress clothes to work.I have found that vionic shoes work really well for me. The orthotic is already in it. Plus you can find some cute ones.

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