This week's style article...

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  1. Was a grand slam!!! You did a fabulous job! It has so much INVALUABLE information all in one place!

  1. I agree. I've been trying to work out something like this for myself in my "personal wiki". And you've did it for me. I was waiting like crazy since I read the Tuesday blog and heard the podcast :) And it's fantastic to have the visual do's and don'ts, it makes more sense after seeing them.

  2. Thanks ladies! It's all about sharing style tools that can use. I agree the visuals are a terrific tool to help you recreate the same look for yourself!

  3. I just printed the article to keep it in the binder I made, to make sure I keep this information and I can read it again. The photo's make things more clear, because when you see something you think: 'oh yes, of course that doesn't work'.

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