Traveling to Spain in March

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  1. I am a type B body type, 5 ft tall, curvy. I would love suggestions for packing efficiently and not looking like an Ugly Tourist!!!. Plus shoes????What is comfortable but cute?

  1. How exciting! Do you know what the weather's going to be like? How long are you going for, and what kind of trip is it? In general, it's helpful to use MSP's "capsule wardrobe" -- mix and match, and layering. Fewer bottoms, more tops. For shoes, perhaps a pair of flat-soled black ankle boots? Those go well with both pants and skirts (if you wear black/dark opaque tights or leggings), which is a tricky thing to find in shoes.

  2. I'm back -- found you an article on shoes!

  3. Thank you wonderer! It will be 40's-60's. So I am looking for a jacket, too! Is there an article about the capsule wardrobe?

  4. I don't think MSP has one posted right now, but the quick version is what I said before -- choose pieces that you can mix and match with each other to make different outfits (like in the article "1 Item, 3 Ways"). For example, when I was visiting family in a very wintry location over the holidays, I packed a pair of maroon skinny jeans that would go with either the ombre grey sweater or the cream cable-knit sweater, and either of those sweaters could also be paired with my short grey skirt and warm leggings. I didn't manage to get absolutely everything interchangeable, but I did manage to squeeze everything into just a carry-on. And that's including the thick sweaters and an extra pair of boots! As for the jacket, when I travel I usually bring a Gore-Tex rain jacket...not absolutely the most stylish, but it's windproof, waterproof, and breathable (very important!). That got me through southern England in December, so it should work for your temperatures if you pack gloves, a hat, and some warm layers for underneath.

  5. For me, it would be tempting not to buy it when you're there, because Spain is great for shopping. Have a great time!

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