Anyone else sewing clothes?

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  1. I've acquired a modern sewing machine. So, to learn to use the new machine I've joined a sewing class. We were told to buy some cheap second-hand fabric to practise on - so I'm making a shift dress with sleeves, from a pair of curtains. White background and huge lime green pattern. I usually prefer unpatterned materials, but here we go. (I learned to sew in my youth, on a Singer treadle machine, which I loved).

  1. I started sewing 2 yrs. ago with a new machine. I too learned sewing on a Singer machine when I was in grammar school. I like working from simple patterns for dresses and blouses. I used to make dresses from McCall's "Make it Today, Wear it Tomorrow". They were very easy to make and very classic in style. I'm looking to join sewing classes soon. Gayl

  2. My mom taught me to sew when I was eleven--on her console Singer which had cams (disks) that made zigzag and blind hem stitches possible. After not sewing any garments for more than 20+ years, I have started again. Last year I successfully made alterations to several garments. I took in the waist on a pair of jeans (used a denim needle and a hammer to pound the thick seams, just like the tutorial I found online explained) which turned out great. Next, I took apart and re-set the sleeves on a blouse I loved, but which was too big in the shoulder and bust area. It also turned out great and I wear it much more often now that it fits nicely instead of sloppy. I considered the blouse alteration "practice" for the next project which was taking in the bust area of a reversible lined jacket with princess seaming. It was complicated and took a long time to complete, but it too, turned out great. I would not have tried doing these alterations had I not been reading MSP's constant advice on how important it is that clothes fit properly. While shopping for a classic sleeveless white shirt last spring (to wear un-tucked because of my proportionately longer legs/shorter torso "C" figure) I was frustrated with having to choose between the size S -- loose, baggy and revealing in the armhole bust area--but which fit perfectly below the waist, OR the size XS which fit perfectly with no revealing armhole gaps above but had no ease below the waist. This was at Talbots, which I consider a better store (at other retailers it was the same or worse). Knowing just how complicated it is to do a bust adjustment alteration, a "light bulb" turned on--maybe I should make my own shirts from scratch. The classic white shirt at Talbots was $60+ -- to pay that much and still have to make alterations seemed absurd. So I bought patterns, muslin fabric to make a few test garments, made four shirts, fought with my old Kenmore sewing machine trying to make consistently sized button holes--bought new machine in December. Still learning.

  3. Glad to hear from others who are sewing. Very impressed by your achievements! I'll let you know when I've made my shift dress and a jersey dress with a wrap-over collar. At least if I make my own dresses I can have sleeves. Yippee - sleeves.

  4. I want to, but am having trouble not only with being a banana, but also adjusting the tension. I did make a nice green shift dress for an event last October, which turned out well. It is trimmed at the hem with a lovely ecru lace border from JoAnn fabric that everyone adored.

  5. Nice to see you back on the forum, catwomanbert. :) I like the sound of your green shift dress. How lovely that everyone adored your dress. (I broke my machine this week. - Rushing out of the door, I knocked the machine onto the floor, from a folding table. Fortunately it has been repaired!)

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