Empire waist maxi dresses

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  1. Do empire waist maxi dresses suit long legs/short torso Cs? I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and measuring myself following MSP's directions in the article on Jan 5, I am a long legs/short torso as my top measurement was 32 inches and my bottom measurements 34 inches. I have always liked empire waist dresses because they are flattering, emphasizing the only part of me that is slim! These days they are not very common and I only really like that style in a long dress because the short ones usually look too young on me but MSP recommends that long legs/short torso people should avoid them. Does this apply to long dresses too because, after all, you cannot see where your legs start when they are hidden by a long dress!

  1. Yes, they would suit you. I have a friend who suits and wears this style and she says she has a short waist.

  2. I also have a short body compared to my leg length. I think the empire waist works best for me in a maxi dress. The weight of the fabric keeps it from puffing out and making me look wider than I am, and it gives a long column look without any horizontal lines to show where my torso ends and my legs begin.

  3. Thanks natasha and LisaFromOz for your comments. Yes I agree - I think the fact that you have the longer length makes it work. I feel reassured now! Thanks. (I'm from Oz too.)

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