Layering suggestions

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  1. I am trying some layering. I don't do it often because I live in the desert southwest and most of the year it's too hot for layering. However, it's winter now and I ordered a top that is just a bit too sheer for me to be comfortable in it. I bought a cotton tank top at Penney's and wore the sheer-ish blouse over it. I remembered that day that cotton doesn't slide over cotton and I spent to day tugging my blouse back into position over the tank top each time I got up to move around. Now I'm shopping for a "slippery" tank or cami that's not static-y in our dry climate. Will nylon or a nylon blend work or should I go for silk or ?? Thanks! Denny

  1. Nylon may be affected by static, as it is an artificial fibre, as is polyester. Silk and viscose are natural fibres, and would be cooler as well as resisting static. I'm not sure about a nylon blend - I suppose it would depend how much nylon was in it.

  2. Natasha--Thanks for the idea to look for viscose fabric! Later I thought about the static issue, too, with nylon amd poly. I'll keep looking. Of course, the sheer-ish top could be retired. Thanks for the reply! Denny

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