Boots and straight jeans

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  1. I like the way younger women wear their jeans tucked into their boots, but! I'm wide hipped and don't have slender legs - I avoid skinny pants of any sort. So I end up with too much material stuffed into the boots and it looks yucky. Any suggestions? I live in Michigan where we get serious snow so booties just don't work when we have a foot of the stuff. Thanks!

  1. *waves* Another wide-hipped cold-weather dweller here! I think you have two options: (1) Wear your winter boots with skirts/dresses and really warm tights/leggings underneath -- these days you can get ones that are as cozy as long underwear. Go to a department store, find the tights/socks section, and look for fully opaque ones that are lined or have words like "thermal" on the package somewhere. (2) Figure out how to make skinny jeans work for you. As someone with disproportionately short, chunky legs, I had a hard time figuring out how skinny jeans could work with my figure, but now I think I've got it. It helps to wear a slightly longer top -- not necessarily tunic-length, although that also works. Look for attention-getting tops with wide/dramatic collars or necklines (e.g., cowl neck, boatneck). Sweaters work well, as do fitted blazers and long cardigans (you may need to experiment with the length). Also choose tops with patterns and/or lighter colours, and choose skinny jeans/pants in darker colours (doesn't have to be neutrals -- I've got maroon and dark green ones). Finally, oddly enough, wearing a chunky shoe like boots or booties actually helps to balance out your hips/thighs better than wearing a lighter shoe. Good luck!

  2. Good advice, Wanderer! I hadn't thought about lengthening my sweater of choice or skirts (which I love). So thanks and I'm going to give your suggestions a try!

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