Cotton Quality

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  1. I have become very frustrated lately in the quality of cotton items. From tees to sweaters to towels...everything cotton seems to have become of diminishing quality. When shopping online I notice that even retailers such as Lands End, Banana Republic, and Coldwater Creek have loads of complaints about old favorites whose fabric content have been modified and have now become ill-fitting or flimsy. I would agree that being careful in laundering these items can make them last long-er but you shouldn't have to stress over t-shirt and towels. OK enough of the rant. We asked for cheap clothes and we've got them. Anyone have any recommendations for brands that have managed to maintain a higher quality of cotton fashions. Or are their cotton blends that are more durable than others. Bamboo anyone?

  1. I have found that Chico's tees with a little spandex hold up better than any other I have tried. I have some I have had for years and still look great. They also seem to be a bit thicker than Cold Water Creek. I have had same problem. One washing and many things never look the same.

  2. Read somewhere that the process of making bamboo fabric was bad on enviroment and should not be considered in same category as natural fabric, even tho bambo is of course a real plant. On positive side, the same article did say it was durable, and held shape well. I have not worn it so don`t personally know anything about it.

  3. I have noticed a correlation between quality and country of origin. Check your labels and see.

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