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  1. Over the years, although I have kept my weight in line, my waist has gradually grown larger in proportion to my hips. I have found that manufacturers of jeans still seem to assume that if your hips are a certain size, your waist must be about ten inches smaller. I love Not Your Daughters Jeans, but even though they fit me perfectly in the hips, the waist measurement is several inches too small, and when I fasten the waistband, it pushes up a roll of fat (which doesn't appear until I displace it), making me look like I have an inner tube around my waist. Fortunately I can sew my regular pants, but the jeans don't seem to lend themselves to alteration. Can anyone recommend a jeans brand which accommodates a mature woman figure.

  1. I love Westbound from Dillard's. They have the look of regular jeans but not the zipper/snaps. I buy boot cut but they also have straight. The pockets in the back are real but the slant pockets in front are not but are double stitched to look authentic. It has a wide waistband that is also slimming. Even if they are not your HG, you will probably find them flattering and comfortable.

  2. I need help on jeans. I can't find a pair that fit!!!Not sure I like the Westbound from Dillard's.

  3. Try Lee Curvy Fit.

  4. NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) have helped me tremendously. They are all I wear now, for jeans and pants.

  5. I agree the Westbound brand with wider waistband offer a really nice fit. I do recommend trying them. Also, I continue to love the NYDJ's because they slim and are comfortable. They are expensive, but worth washing in cold water because you will always want to wear them!
    Happy New Year to all my SYSters in Style! Love, Leslie MSP

  6. I am back and forth between a C and a D. LLBean's Easy Stretch Pants TC267604 in Denim are my go to jeans for this mature figure. I buy them in medium tall. They are easy to alter in the waist, or at least my tailor says so. I buy them to fit in the hips and thighs and then have the waist taken in. I live in semi rural Alberta where denim is the basic wardrobe fabric for many people, and I work in a casual work environment where tough fabrics and sensible shoes are required by the safety rules. The darkest rinse available for these jeans makes them perfect for me to wear to work. They are a trouser cut rather than a classic 5 pocket style. They dress up and down very well. Dressier top, shoes with a bit of a heel and a more pointed toe and you are good to go on a movie date or lunch with the girlfriends. Casual flats and layered tee with a fleece or cute cardigan and you're running Saturday errands looking as though you looked in the mirror before leaving home. I always wash them inside out in cold water and hang them to dry. They require no ironing when handled this way.

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