No Head (or feet) for Heights

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  1. Hi Miss Smartypants! In so many of your posts, photos, etc. you show shoes that have incredibly high, thin heels. That's great for those who can wear them, but the maximum heel height I can manage without pain is about 2". I'm short (5"1 1/2") and an "E", and while I'd love to add height to my look, physically it's impossible. Casual I'm not worried about, but for dressy occasions are there any shoe styles that don't look frumpy? Thanks so much! kt2shoes

  1. I'm sure you'll get other responses but the first thing that came to my mind when I read your question was that MSP's photos come from a range of sources and Leslie doesn't necessarily subscribe to the high heel preference at all. Many of her articles stress that even a heel of one or two inches is enough to give an outfit a bit of polish. She also repeats the advice that a wedge heel is a great option for those who have balance or comfort concerns.

  2. Fellow flat-shoe wearer here! That's a perennial problem. Embellished flats / "ballet flats" have been very popular for a few years. You can occasionally find embellished flat sandals as well. In the winter, a flat ankle boot can look quite polished if you choose a style with minimal hardware, like this: (the ones in the photo have a small heel, but it is possible to find ones without -- I'm wearing a pair right now). Pair them with opaque or semi-opaque tights in a similar colour, and a knee-length or shorter dress, skirt, or tunic.

  3. Tennis shoe wearer. Even growing up, I could never wear any of the fashions available for women. I have such wide feet that I never fit into much of anything except tennis shoes. I also have flat feet and an ankle that over rotates very easily--which pretty much kills off every shoe made for women. So I wear a tennis shoe designed for flat feet. I'm quite sure it doesn't add much to the outfits, but I don't have to spend time in the emergency room.

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