Accent and neutral colour?

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  1. I am in the process of putting together a wardrobe bases on the style recipes e book. I am having trouble working out what is an accent colour and what is a neutral colour. For example with t-shirts it says white, black, accent and jewel tone (not sure what that is either). In blouses black, white, accent and neutral are listed. I am a winter if that is any help.

  1. I'm a winter. A neutral might be white, gray, black, or navy. It's a color that you can wear often and no one's going to notice it. It'll also go your other colors. . An accent would be a color like hot pink, purple, or sapphire blue. These are colors you can't wear as frequently because they stand out so much. Years ago, I got this turquoise pair of pants and a matching vest. Though I was hurting for clothes, the head-to-toe color was so in everyone's face that it never got much use. The vest might be something I'd buy today, but I'd pair it with a white (neutral) shirt. Then I get a fun color I like, but keep the tone down with a neutral color. Jewel tones are rich colors that look like jewels.

  2. Neutrals are white, black, grey, navy, brown, and various lighter shades between brown and white, such as taupe, tan, camel, and cream. Accents are anything else, not necessarily very bright colours. Neutrals go with each other (mostly) and every other colour. Accents don't. MSP recommends limiting the number of neutrals and the number of accent colours you have in your closet, to increase the number of ways you can mix and match your clothing.

  3. Thanks ladies. That makes sense. I knew that black and white were neutral but couldn't understand why another neutral item would be listed as a recommended buy.

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