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  1. Hello Ladies- Getting the casual winter wardrobe under control. Reading how a blazer or jacket can make an outfit this week. I totally agree. A casual jacket is awesome. But what about dress? But my formula has been dress + sweater or pants and blouse. Rarely a jacket. I COULD layer a jacket over a dress. But my pants that are dressier are plain colored - black, navy. Can I still wear a plain colored suit type jacket with those pants for professional work or does the "mismatch" look odd? Most of my blouses are print, so I'm not sure about a plaid or textured jacket. Hum. Insight?

  1. Hi Lisa! Are your dresses mostly plain or printed/textured? Whichever one it is, go the opposite way with the jackets/blazers. You can certainly wear a blazer over a dress--just check the lengths. If the skirt/dress is on the fuller side, a cropped blazer or jean jacket might look better. A knee-length sheath dress works with a fitted blazer--try wearing it open, maybe with a skinny belt at the waist. As for dress pants, if you match your pants to your blazer you'll look like you're going for a job interview! ;-) Choose two neutrals and a printed blouse, or one neutral and one texture, or switch the printed blouse for a solid colour (or neutral). For example, I often wear textured slacks, a navy blazer, and a bright-coloured or print blouse. OR solid slacks, a textured blazer, and a solid coloured or neutral blouse. OR dark-coloured slacks, navy blazer again, and a neutral or coordinating print blouse. Then add a necklace or earrings!

  2. Wonderer- I LOVE your formula. And my thoughts and reservations exactly with matching (job interview). . . So solid pants, solid blazer and print blouse I'm on it! Textured slacks - tell me more about that. Still ok with a print? Complicated. . . But with a formula I can rock the professional clothes!

  3. Lisa, it took me a while to work out that formula even with MSP's style advice, so I'm glad it helped! As for texture + print...I think it depends on the exact pieces. A subtle texture, like dressy denim or linen, can be paired with anything. A bolder texture, like tweed...I think you could still wear it with a printed top, but maybe something bolder, like a large floral print, OR a very simple print, like polka dots, but maybe not a detailed finer print (you'd have to try it and see). Examples of what I'm thinking of: and Mind you, both of those pictures feature tweeds that are pretty subtle. You'd have to be more careful with a variegated tweed like this: Anyway, come back and let me know how it goes!

  4. By the way, notice how in those first two pics, all the colours are repeated between the prints and solids? That's a good way to look really put-together. (Might sound obvious, but it wasn't obvious to me for a looong time!)

  5. SO pretty. And no, it's never obvious to me how to look put together. MSSP helps, but I sometimes need even more help! Funny - my job involves being in front of people and I do care how I look, I just don't always know how to make the most of what I have. . . Thanks for the help!

  6. This is a great I've had myself. Thanks for sharing!

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