how to wear sleeveless shirt dresses in winter

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  1. I have two sleeveless shirt dresses that I have never worn, one red with a black belt, and one in a beige/white/black pattern with a self fabric belt. I seem to remember in the past that you could transition these to winter with a top underneath and tights. My question is, are these dresses still in fashion, or should I just donate them? Thanks for your help.

  1. Though we haven't seen the dresses, I should think they are still in fashion and could be worn with a thin jersey underneath. In my opinion it looks smart to wear the same colour tights and jersey.

  2. I willl try to post a picture. They are New York company from a few years back. They button all the way down the front and have belt loops and slash pockets.

  3. Here's the pic


  4. I don't see why not! Add a button-down shirt or thin knit top underneath, or a blazer or cardigan over top, and then add a belt (doesn't have to be the belt that came with the dress, although I think self-tie is "in" right now). For the blazer or cardigan, you might have to play with length to see what looks best -- try a more cropped style OR a cardigan that's almost as long as the dress. I would wear opaque tights in a colour that contrasts with the dress -- black is always good, navy or brown might work too, or for the patterned one, you could pick any bold colour. The top layer doesn't have to match the tights, but of course it should coordinate. Have fun!

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