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  1. OK - I have been a member forever. MSSP helped me build a great work wardrobe that I am very confident in, even as my weight has fluctuated. This morning, however, I realized my casual wardrobe makes me feel awful. I am right between plus size and regular sizes. I waiver between a B and a D. . . I LOVE wearing fitted blazers, A line skirts, dresses that fit at the waist. Pants and fitted blouses, etc for my professional world. But the majority of the time I'm a stay at home mom and do things like volunteer at school, take my preschooler to the park, pick up my first grader from school, etc. I've upgraded my tops to be more body skimming but today I realized that on non-work days I feel very uncomfortable in jeans (which never really fit or flatter no matter how many pairs I've tried) and t-shirts, which seem to draw attention weight I carry and oddly hug the upper/button on my jeans, even if I get them tailored. My professional clothes look out of place on the playground and I need to be able to wear comfortable gravel safe shoes. . . What do I do? I'm ready to donate my jeans and t shirts and upgrade. I have a small budget. But I don't know what to look for. Casual flattering ideas for a D? With pictures? PLEASE HELP!! Surely other women have been here. . .

  1. Sorry, I meant C or D - hard core pear shape here, which is why I'm uncomfortable with jeans and unsure wether I can do leggings or other options without the unflattering line at the widest part. . .

  2. Hi Lisa! Fellow pear here. :-) I can relate to your struggles! Have you tried buying jeans that fit in the hips/butt and altering the waist? Recently I've had success with skinny jeans (with more stretch, so they're practically leggings, but not see-through) and more drapey tops or tunics. Try on a variety of tunic styles to see which ones do the best job of skimming your middle. Tunics that are belted at the waist just don't work because they draw attention to the hips. Here's one I bought recently: The bold pattern distracts the eye, and it's cut so as to skim without adding visual weight. A-line tunic styles can also work. Or, try bootcut jeans with a blouson top, or (again) any top with a print or stripes -- amazing what a difference that makes. Or, how about looking for some comfy dresses and skirts in the cuts you love but a more casual style/fabric? I bought this skirt in the spring: and have been wearing it a LOT. Since skirts tend to sit at your natural waist, they do a great job of minimizing stomach issues. ;-) Let us know how it goes!

  3. YAY for Pears, Wonderer! I am glad to know that you have been able to find tunics that work. You know, todays outfit was dark slacks and a chevron print top and I agree, it's the print that made it work. I am going to try to find tunic or two - and I like your idea of skinny jeans with a tunic - I've never tried that but I can see how it could work. Thank you for the links, too. And yes, I am try a more casual dress or skirt, maybe with boots. . . More trying on but at least now I have some direction! Thank you!

  4. I'm glad it was helpful! I've tried on the same top in a solid colour and with a pattern, and the difference is amazing. Forgot to add that with tunics, the length also matters. You'll want to try on a variety to see which ones offer good coverage over your midsection without making your legs look stumpy (skinny jeans/leggings help with that). Something like this might work for you: or this: I'm not sure what climate you're in...for fall/winter I have a few very long cardigans (anywhere from mid-thigh to knee) that I wear open and belted with a variety of pants. In colder weather, you can also play with texture -- e.g., cable-knit sweaters, heathered knits, open-weave sweaters, tweed -- and it does the same thing as a print. I also find that heavier fabrics sometimes hang better on my shape. Good luck!

  5. Hello, I can't do pictures. I agree with what Wonderer says. I was going to suggest dresses and comfy boots, as she did. Also, regarding tops, there are a lot of trapeze-shape tops, which might be good - they wouldn't cling around hips. (Maybe some of the pics were of those - I don't know.).

  6. Hello, I can't do pictures. I agree with what Wonderer says. I was going to suggest dresses and comfy boots, as she did. Also, regarding tops, there are a lot of trapeze-shape tops, which might be good - they wouldn't cling around hips. (Maybe some of the pics were of those - I don't know.).

  7. Wonderer, those are super cute. I am in a cold climate, and for many reasons find cooler weather dressing to be easier. I was thinking I'd be less dissatisfied with my winter clothes, but realized I don't have much. And yes, Natasha, trapeze shape tops that don't cling. I'm going to be trying on shapes that are new to me! YAY!

  8. Suggestions: Princess seamed tops that curve in and cover part of your hip. Even if they are office wear, as long as they are a basic material, not silk or whatever, they will be fine. Also try workout clothes-not grey heather sweat pants, pretty colors and prints on good material. Yoga or jog pants, and athletic tanks and fitted zip-ups are not just for workouts anymore. I love Sketchers slip-on shoes, comfy like tennies but no laces. I also have bought a few scrubs bottoms for housework and running errands. They are pretty colors, have pockets, and some of them are kinda tailored. Maybe not fashionable, but it is too hot for most pants here. Enjoy your time with your children! Your entry brought a smile to my face as I remembered those days.

  9. I have a fashionable friend who is a classic pear shape (VERY hippy) who hates pants, claiming they just don't work for her. She wears casual V-neck or scoop neck washable knit dresses which are fitted on the upper body and flare over the problem area of waist/hips (I believe she got them at a website which sells travel clothes), giving a long, monochromatic line, ending at or around the knee. In winter she wears matching tights and boots and in summer eye-catching sandals (she has cute legs). She ALWAYS wears an eye-catching accessory in the upper body area (bold casual necklace or earrings or a colorful scarf) to divert the eye from the problem area. Quick, easy and comfortable.

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