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  1. So I am just transitioning into an office job. I've slowly started to update my wardrobe and I actually do something with my hair besides ponytail it in the morning. The next thing I think I want to tackle is makeup. But I've actually never worn makeup except on my wedding day, when someone else put it on me. (I'm 36 now). Where do I start for office makeup? How do I keep from looking like a clown? Help!!

  1. Great question and congrats on your re-entry to the workforce!
    I would start with a small, yet basic core wardrobe and a few new accessories. With basics you don't need much because you can repeat simple neutral items often. They should fit well and be things you love to wear. As far as makeup goes, less is more. You don't want to wear wild colors or heavy makeup like you are out clubbing, lol! Since you don't know where to start, go to a makeup counter like Estee Lauder or Clinque (they are more classic vs. trendy makeup). Ask for a makeover that is natural and one that enhances your face. You can buy a couple of items, but be sure to get the makeup tips they offer! Take a photo (or better ask someone) of your eye shadow makeup, etc. for future reference. Then practice!
    Best of luck! Leslie MSP

  2. If I'm allowed to recommend someone here ... Wayne Goss has great makeup tutorials on YouTube. I've learned tons from him.

  3. Great suggestions! You could also talk with a friend or family member who uses makeup in a subtle way, that you admire, and ask them to let you watch them putting on their makeup. Any Avon rep would also be a good person to ask for a makeup lesson! She will even give you samples of things to see what looks best on you. Nobody ever taught me, formally, so I use minimal makeup and prefer to look nearly natural (only mascara, blush, and lip gloss). God made you lovely- just enhance or highlight your favorite parts!

  4. Pay attention not only to the products being applied to your face during your consultation, but also the applicator (i.e. the brushes, sponges, etc.). I have learned that a good brush, especially with eye make-up, is more essential than the product. You will need to buy a set of brushes. Ulta tends to have good prices on them and a good selection (and frequent coupons!).

  5. Thanks! Great Suggestions

  6. You can't go wrong with a BB or a CC creme on your face. Unlike foundations, it blends with your natural skin tone and evens out redness or sallowness while providing moisture in a dry office environment and is compatible for all skin types (although if you know your skin is sensitive, apply it on an inconspicuous place to test for reaction). You don't have to spend a boatload of money on expensive cosmetics; I get all my stuff at Sally's. If you are uncomfortable with makeup, you can start out with tinted lip balm. If you stick to blush and lip color close to your skin tone and neutral eye shadow you should be fine at the office. One last word: take it easy with the mascara. I use one application, and because I live in a hot humid climate I use waterproof mascara. One last tip: bacteria grows in the makeup after opening and the texture changes, so to be safe I always replace my makeup every six months (another good reason not to buy real expensive stuff.) I also wash my makeup brushes on a regular basis (using hair shampoo and air dry.) Good luck with your new job!

  7. Just want to share my basic workday makeup "routine". I bought a new BB stick (Physicians Formula) that is very easy to use. I dab it over my chin, between my brows, and under my eyes, then pat to blend. I follow this with mascara (usually Maybelline Great Lash), subtle powdered eye shadow (yellowish inner, beige outer as my eyes are close-set), and a lipstick that is close to my natural color but a little brighter. I carry a tinted lip balm (Burt's Bees)in my purse to use during my day, as I can't be bothered to reapply lipstick. That's it. I am careful to wash it all off before bed to keep my skin nice.

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