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  1. I had my seasonal colors done a while ago and I am a summer. But does that Mean I stay with those colors all year including the fall? I read back over the info that came with my color analysis and it doesn't go that deep into the information.

  1. Yes, if you are a Summer, some of your colours will be suitable for each season of the year. In autumn/ fall, the darker neutrals will be suitable for your basics - jackets, skirt, trousers, dresses, coats, and the other colours can be used for accents - blouses, scarves, belts et cetera. (In summer and spring there will be some of your Summer lighter neutrals that can also be used for basics. That's my understanding of it. Have fun experimenting. MSP had an article on this subject fairly recently.

  2. What Natasha said! I'm a Summer as well, and often have trouble with the fall/winter selection in stores because the neutrals and colours are both too dark for my colouring. I have the best luck with charcoal grey as a neutral, with some browns and navy, dark-wash denim, and cream instead of white (hard to find, though). For colours, in any given year, usually there's a blue that works, sometimes a red, and whenever I see purple I grab it!

  3. What Natasha and Wonderer said! I too am a summer and use the same colours suggested by wonderer. Also, I do wear black (to minimize a heavier bottom half), but always wear one of my summer neutrals or colours by my face (scarf or top). You'll love sticking to your summer pallet all year long. Your clothes will always mix and match. In summer, I use cream or very light beige as my main neutral. Fall I use a rosy beige. Winter I use black (bottom) or charcoal grey. Spring I use a blue that is just a bit lighter than navy. Hope this helps.

  4. Here's a tip: If, like me, you find that the rich, deep fall colours wash you out, wear them on your *bottom* half (coloured jeans/slacks, pencil skirt, etc.) with a flattering neutral on your top half. For example, today I'm wearing dark green skinny jeans and a cream blouse. Ta da -- trendy AND flattering!

  5. I am also a summer with spring overtones. I try to wear the darker shades of my colors (reds, lavenders) and pair them with dark neutrals. I wear black, even though it's not in my color palette, but the main neutrals are shades of tan, brown, and gray with navy blue below the waist only. When you go shopping take one of your neutrals with you and see what colors go well with it.

  6. i am autumn (the bright colours) and it s new for me, MSP find me winter but sh'e s wrong; I have made some tests and sure i m autumn; it was difficult for me to find some great colors in the first time: i didn't like at all those brown and green , beurk!!! so i 've tried the mustard yellows, the blue, the red and it's magic on me!!! I m happy with the products on the store right now. I ve decided to sew my clothes to have the right colors, the rigtht texture and the right shape. And because i m a french girl i will be certainly 'bon chic bon genre"!! i don't understand what's MSP means? for the neutrals i don't know yet but cetainly it will be brown and camel. I ha ve learnt that black is a color for nobody. i ve to purge my closet...

  7. Hello Veronique I'll be interested to know of your sewing successes. I used to sew, and I've just bought a sewing machine yo start again. Like you, I want to have clothes in the colours and styles that will suit me and that I can't find in the shops. I intend making tops and dresses. I tried to make trousers in the past, not very successfully. Regarding black, could you not keep black skirts and trousers? Good luck with the sewing.

  8. "to start again " not "yo start again" !!

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