Tied chambray and t-shirts

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  1. I like the look of the shirt and t-shirts in the Wardrobe Stretching article, but whenever I try to knot one on myself, it looks messy! Any tips for how to make it look polished, like Leslie's pictures? Marie in Western NY

  1. From what I see on the internet, we need to undo the buttons at the bottom of the shirt, up to about the waist, then pull the shirt tight(ish)around the waist and tie the fronts together. I've tried it and it looked OK, but I haven't worn it outside the house! With regard to T-shirts, there are articles about how to tie them in interesting knots. Same again, I haven't tried wearing this idea outside, just tried it at home.

  2. Have you tried a square knot? Take the right side hem of the shirt and place it over the left side then that the left side over the right side - always looks neat.

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