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  1. Hi ladies! We've stopped doing daily "what I'm wearing" updates, but I did have a couple of recent style successes (by shopping my closet and putting things together in new ways) that I'd like to share...and I'd love to hear/see yours, too. It's nearing the end of summer, and I've worn everything in the same combinations many times...but I managed to put together two brand-new outfits to wear to work this week. (1) Black-and-white striped maxi skirt + bright red sleeveless top + open 3/4-sleeve white cardigan, accessorized with flat black sandals and a faux gold statement necklace. (2) A completely different black-and-white skirt, this one in a short flared style with an oversized pattern of palm leaves + a short-sleeved button-down with a small pattern of black dots on white (hi, MSP -- pattern mixing!) + the same sandals + a mint-coloured statement necklace. Got lots of compliments on both! So...what recent outfits are you especially pleased with? How have you put the "same old" clothes together in a new way? Please share!

  1. Not so much putting things together in a new way, but I've added a scarf to a plain top, and the compliments were great. I also like to add different jewelry, especially to simple knit tops. A necklace really changes things up. A small pin on the collar of a polo shirt gives a little lift to a dull outfit. I have some lovely bracelets, but have to save them for when I'm not working on the computer or playing piano. So I save them for special occasions.

  2. I think half the solution to style success is wearing the colours that suit us. People often notice how well the colour looks on us before they notice any other detils of our outfits...

  3. details, I meant...

  4. Love the sound of your "new" outfits Wonderer. I'm getting close to heading of on my first cruise and I've been busy planning out my outfits and making a packing list. We'll be mostly dressing casually but cruises still expect a certain dress code for after 5pm and for dinner etc. I've been doing a little shopping and tried to stick to items that will mix and match easily. For example, I'm not one for high heels any time really but they suggest low heels and rubber soles for ships. I've bought some simple black and tan low heeled sandals and a pair of dusty blue casual slip on shoes from last season at really good sale prices. They will fit the bill perfectly for the cruise and I will wear them often when summer arrives here in southern Australia. The other things I've bought are a few last season summer tops which I badly needed. I chose fun prints but ones that I will be able to wear with many of my existing shorts, skirts or jeans. I'm really looking forward to trying everything out in different combinations - and wearing some warm weather clothing again. We've had an extremely wet winter and some pretty cold snaps so swimming pools, tropical rainforests and snorkelling on the reef will make a welcome change.

  5. Looking through my closet to see exactly what I have and realized (light bulb) that some of the summer colors can transition into early Fall by wearing them with darker neutrals. I have two blouses (turquoise and pink/rose) that I wear with white. I can wear them with gray, navy blue, and black. I live in South Mississippi and we have hot and warm weather to late October and November. This will definitely stretch my wardrobe and give a little more variety. Eventually, I do catch on.

  6. Well done, Renee! Like you, I switch out my neutrals, wearing a lot of white in the summer and various darker neutrals in the winter. Doing exactly that, and maybe adding a trendy scarf or other accessory, can make just about anything look seasonal. Hope you have fun putting together new outfits from your closet this fall!

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