If you want eternal style, this is how you must think

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  1. I just read the best advice EVER online in a magazine called StyleBy (StyleBy.nu). Their advice #29 for July says this, and I just had to check it out. What it says is this:

    "Think human being. Want to know the secret to a timeless style that won’t end up in a facepalm a decade later? Being a human being never goes out of style, and eternal fashion icons like Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin have that natural look in common. Clothes, hair and make-up that are far from what is natural easily become dated."

    But of Course! what a lightbulb moment.

  1. Yes, in a way I agree with that idea. On the other hand, a Totally Natural look doesn't always look good in real life. Often what is promoted in magazines etc as a "natural look" relies on skilful discreet makeup and the help of a stylist. In real life the people who look "natural but stylish" either have artistic talent or someone (a friend or relative?) giving them good advice or a good example. Perhaps that is what we are trying to find and give each other here.

  2. When I had my 50th wedding anniversary, I went to a makeup artist who taught me how to apply makeup so that I will look natural. I do not like to have too much makeup on. Put on a moisturizer on face first, then put on your foundation. Next I have a cover up that I use on my inner corner of my eye and straight down the wrinkle from there. Then I put on blush, off white eye shadow with a darker color along my bone under my brows. This will give you an eyelid if you have lost yours!. I put on eye brow pencil and next I put on my eyeliner and mascara. Mary Kay carries my favorite makeup that does not sting my eyes. The first eyeshadow and eyeliner that I could live with. And then I look great.

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