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  1. Dear SYSters, I enjoyed our recent conversation here in the Style Forum about hairstyles. I learned a lot from the group and I hope you did too!

    I'd like to pose another question/discussion to this group the Forum...

    Q: What would be your favorite style topic for an upcoming article? Do you still have a burning style question that remains unanswered? Do you need more help with dressing your body's proportions, or perhaps you want more help with selecting the right amount of trendy fashions vs. classic pieces? Please share what would be your favorite upcoming style article(s) topics.

    Go girls! You've got my ear...

    Love, Leslie MSP

  1. Dear WorkinProgress: For thigh rub in hot and humid conditions, Jockey makes a bike short underwear called Skimmies. They are breathable, stay in place and prevent the thighs from rubbing.
    As far as your article request regarding proper garment fit, what to look for and what a tailor can and can not fixed is an excellent suggestion! I've just put it on my list. Be looking for your suggestions ladies! Thank you everyone for your input. It is my goal to continually inspire and share my fashion knowledge with this wonderful group of women! Thank you for the honor to do so. Love, Leslie MSP

  2. I'm curious about two things. Firstly, the specifics of being petite/tall in coordination with the body type. There is always an article about petites/talls, but how should I incorporate it into an overall, if for example one says I should wear boot-cut, but the other says that I shouldn't. So how do I choose? Secondly I'd like to have an article about jeans/denim. What types are good for what body type. And what to wear for the different seasonal groups. In particular I have a difficulty with jeans, especially since I'm D (petite plus) Autumn. According to being petite and plus size - I should color block or wear similar shades. But denim-blues aren't on my color chart. What do I do?

  3. You've done an article on purses and body types before that was very helpful.

  4. Yes, it was very, very helpful! I finally got rid of my old unflattering purses and bought a new one that falls in color between nude and kamel in the right shape for my size and shape. I love it! I still kept really small handbags for the times when I only need to have 3 items with me.

  5. Note, it was William Holden in the photo and not Robert. Like the latest blog about fashion icons that still affect us today.

  6. Lilyapril, You are right! It was William Holden. Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog (style article) about fashion icons. They really have set the stage for where we are today in fashion. Also, their bold (and unique choices) sends a really strong message to each of us to find our OWN STYLE...then confidently rock it!
    Love, Leslie MSP

  7. I'd love to see outdoor/farming/working styles and also styles for carrying a firearm concealed but accessible. It's fall, bears are out in force and are potentially deadly. No one in our area is working outside now without a sidearm and the knowledge on how to use it accurately and effectively. OTOH I am the public face for a farm entity that is open to the public for tours and other events so don't want to really advertise that I'm carrying until or unless its needed. Lots of the carry options that are out there now (corsets, belly bands, bra carry, shapewear with build in holster pockets, purse carry, ankle holster, thigh holster) don't work for a larger firearm. For self defense type weapons they are perfect but for bears you need a fairly heavy caliber of pistol and usually full size. Even with a larger firearm you hope it scares them as it's really hard to kill a bear with a typical handgun. I really wish someone would do a holster boutique so women especially could test and try out a bunch of holsters. There is one in AZ, but that's a couple days drive from me. Holsters are very expensive due to lots of firearm models and the need to provide proper protection for the trigger. Every brand, style and model of firearm needs a custom holster. Men's versions often do not work at all well for women due to hips and breasts and other parts that make accessibility an issue. I'd love some style options for how to conceal a typical OWB right side holster for a full size firearm on a petite body wearing pants.

  8. Hi BaaBaa I had a quick look on-line and found some websites that deal with this. Hope you find a solution. Did you sort out the previous (tailoring outdoor garments) problem? Natasha

  9. thanks Natasha, There are lots of sites that specialize in carry options for women. They are all are focused on self defense with smaller weapons, not the full size one I need to carry. There is a HUGE difference between concealing a snubby revolver like a model 640 J Frame and a full size Springfield 1911 A-1. The former is a good self defense weapon for most urban situations, the latter is about the minimum for rural defense against heavy duty 4-footed predators. That's why I said I needed info on things for full size carry not the options I mentioned. From my previous message "Lots of the carry options that are out there now (corsets, belly bands, bra carry, shapewear with build in holster pockets, purse carry, ankle holster, thigh holster) don't work for a larger firearm" That is the issue I'd like to see MSP tackle because no one is doing it. And no, I still don't have a good solution to tailoring for working clothes. I have found a person who just moved here to our town who is willing to teach sewing and we're trying to get our schedules coordinated. Still no tailors in my area and the ones I called that were 100+ miles away won't do canvas pants or work clothing at all.

  10. I am in my late 60s, and fairly trim and petite (5"3) I like the looks of tunics and leggings, but can never find anything that looks right. How about an article on looks for petite people? Also, my feet are NOT petite at 9.5 D width. Could you do an article about shoes for the many of us with this problem? It is nearly impossible to find stylish shoes!

  11. THank you

  12. One of these days would it be possible to do an article on pajamas, nightgowns and robes? I know this is a bit different for a style subject, but I mostly feel frumpy in pjs, even nightgowns...and nothing I have matches...and worst of all regarding my comfy fluffy fleece bathrobe...well my sister joked that I look like "Rocky" (from the 1970's movie). :-O ! I would like to feel a lot more coordinated, attractive and still comfortable. Thanks!

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