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  1. Dear SYSters, I enjoyed our recent conversation here in the Style Forum about hairstyles. I learned a lot from the group and I hope you did too!

    I'd like to pose another question/discussion to this group the Forum...

    Q: What would be your favorite style topic for an upcoming article? Do you still have a burning style question that remains unanswered? Do you need more help with dressing your body's proportions, or perhaps you want more help with selecting the right amount of trendy fashions vs. classic pieces? Please share what would be your favorite upcoming style article(s) topics.

    Go girls! You've got my ear...

    Love, Leslie MSP

  1. I still haven't managed to acquire a capsule wardrobe. Wardrobe is looking very sparse - which is the opposite of what most people on here say. I just can't find things I like. Haven't any particular figure problems, just like to be mostly covered. I don't like the boring patterned clothing that is in UK shops. Would like to look smart casual and French! I may have to take up sewing my own clothes.

  2. Like Natasha, I'm having a terrible time finding good basics. (Canadian here.) I can find some of the things that are sort of "second tier" on my list, but not the "first tier", which is a big problem because the basics I do have are wearing out! A lot of my go-to retail chains have closed in recent years and I just don't know where to shop anymore. (I'm mid-30s and need both casual and "business casual" clothing in my lifestyle.)

  3. P.S. Thanks to you, I know more or less what I'm looking for, I just can't find it!

  4. Me,too! Thanks to MSP I have an idea of what I should have in the capsule wardrobe. But the shops that used to sell the good quality basics we need have either closed down or "lost their way" in the fashion jungle.

  5. Dear SYSters, It is far better to have a smaller wardrobe of quality basics (capsule dressing) than it is a huge wardrobe of inferior trendy clothes. It sounds like everyone here is in agreement on this. However, finding those good core pieces at a reasonable price can be problematic.
    What's my suggestion? Head to your nearest quality department store. A good sized department store will offer a larger selection of the quality basics that your wardrobe really needs.

  6. Mixing patterns would be a good topic. I've seen some truly horrible mixing this summer. The patterned capris are extremely popular this year, and I've seen people plop another pattern that just doesn't work. Another topic would be how to dress with some of these trends (like a shirt with lace on the top part). I've been seeing far too many people not thinking about undergarments being fairly visible. And I am also having trouble finding core pieces. I'm a B, and I've picked Navy, White, and Gray for the basic colors. Turquoise and Pink for the summer accents (I'm thinking of switching to two different accent colors for winter). There's a lot of t-shirts, more than anything else. When I find something that looks like a possibility, either my size is completely sold out, nothing in any color than I can use, or when I try it on, there's just no way. Size is usually the one that gets me. My size is always the one that runs out first.

  7. Under a lace top, an opaque cami/vest would look ok. Back to the subject of Basics - "in the Old Days" stores used to sell co-ordinates - eg jacket, trousers, skirt and sometimes a dress, in the same fabric. So they could be worn with each other or with other items in your wardrobe. Some enterprising company should revive this idea.

  8. Also how to pick exercise clothes. And if you want a story about how a pattern can make a big difference ... I was having trouble finding shirts for exercising. They were either racerbacks, which I did not want, or too small (evidently they assumed that only someone who worked out on the extreme end would buy them). I finally bought what was available and fitted. That was a top with a stone-like pattern across the chest. I'm a B. When I met with my trainer for the first time, she thought I was too heavy on top and needed to lose weight there. We were doing measurements, I told her hips and chest would be the same. She didn't believe that until she took the measurements, which were indeed the same. I've since replaced that exercise shirt with a navy blue one.

  9. I have a terrible time finding clothes. I'm in my 60s and trust me, most of the styles today are ridiculous. How do you find something when you're not into trendy, uneven hemlines, sleeveless, and sheer fabrics? Part of the problem is price. I don't have $1,000 to spend on the basics, unless I don't want to eat. I live in a small city, and we don't have a lot of good thrift stores or resale shops, so heading to a store like Dillard's or Talbots is very rare, unless there's a killer sale on. I'm a B, but I border on wearing plus sizes, and almost everything in Women's clothes are just plain ugly. Thank goodness I'm not hard on my clothes so they last for years, but it would be nice to have something new that makes me look great.

  10. I'd like to see an article on the right cut and style of jean for various body types and what tops to wear with the various cuts. I don't think that the combination is necessarily the same for all body types. For example, I have a petite friend who has great legs and likes skinny jeans but always wears them with a tunic (her hips are large by comparison to legs). I happen to think that the tunic overwhelms her petite frame as she is only about 5'1".

  11. ReneeC...You are right to stay within what is comfortable for you. Don't go overly trendy when it's not you. However, you can incorporate the colors of the season and touch on the trends with a few new accessories worn with your basics.
    Siggy...thanks for the suggestion about jeans for various body types. I tend to revisit jeans and their fit in the early fall (be looking for it). I like the idea of what to wear with your jeans. You are correct, your petite friend is being overwhelmed by a longer tunic shirt!

  12. Dressing for pregnancy and postpartum, especially with clothes not labelled "maternity." (I'm 5 months along.)

  13. Oh, Natasha, Why not just pop over to France? Of course transportation will cost you, and maybe an overnight hotel...but way cheaper than our flight over the Atlantic!

  14. Quite right, Catwomanbert! But I probably would still need advice as to what to buy, as when I look at French fashion, they have gone casual too. I did go to Calais a few weeks ago, briefly, (for lunch!) and the proprietress of the restaurant was wearing shorts...

  15. How to deal with tops with embellishments like pleats, puckers, jewels, cut outs, etc. Sometimes they hang wrong. For example, a satiny tank with scoop neck and pleats and it sags in the bust even with good foundation garments. Sometimes a shot of anti-static spray helps. I know you have to try things on, but is there a good way to judge how embellishments will "make or break" you?

  16. Here are a few things that I'm interested in... Well-fitting undergarments (bras, panties, control garments etc.) and how the right undergarment can improve appearance. Examples of women with iconic style from the past, and why their "style" worked for them. How eyeglasses, make-up and nails can enhance or detract from style efforts. Thanks! I'm looking forward to the fall fashion preview!

  17. @ReneC There is a German online store that I like called Klingel. Unfortunatelly they don't have a site for UK from what I can see, so this might not be as helpful. One of their designers is Paola Felix, and has a brand there called "Atelier Paola". She is often the one wearing the outfits from that brand when presented in the paper catalogue. She looks always smart, even with prints. Her brand are stylish, tryendy clothes for mature women.


  18. Thanks everyone for your input! CarolAnn...fab suggestions! Yes, I'll do a bra guide soon, as well as pattern mixing, jeans by body type. I love the idea of past style icons-and why their style worked! Fun, fun, fun! Plus, the Fall Preview will be around the corner before you know it!!!

  19. MissusMSP, I'd love to see an article on how ladies deal with humidity. For example, what sort of foundation garments are used to prevent thigh rub when it is simply too humid to wear panty hose?

  20. MissusMSP, another article I'd love to see is one about examining fits for particular styles. When one is checking the fit or the garments in the dressing room, what should one be looking for? As an example; I din't purchase an empire-waisted top because the seam line ran across the bustline rather than under the bustline. I've seen dresses where the waist of a dress was an inch or so too high or too low for the wearer. Also helpful would be some tips about what a tailer CAN fix and what can't be fixed, for love nor money, like the aforementioned empire-waist top that didn't have enough room for a mature chest.

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