HAIR: Is It Your Crowing Glory?

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  1. MSP HERE: Dear SYSters, I thought I'd start a thought provoking conversation about our hair. Is it our "crowning glory"?

    I feel we can learn so much about ourselves if we share with each other.

    QUESTION: How important is your hair to your overall appearance? Do you spend too much time styling it daily? Do you work with its natural color and texture? Or, are you in a constant struggle with your hair style, hair texture or even with coloring it to cover grays?
    How important is your hairstyle to your self-esteem? Did you find a NEW hairstyle made you feel new and fresh again?

    Please post & share your hair struggles, as well as insights with us! Let's help one another with our "crowning glory"...both acceptance and struggles! 

    Thanks in advance. Love, Leslie MSP

    Short vs. long hair? Yet, another "hair question" that has many pros and cons. How do you know which length is best for you? Do you really need to wear your hair short when you are older? Hmmm.....

  1. FYI: In 2013 (wow, has it really be that long ago?) I cut my hair short and not everyone liked it. When seeing my short cut for the first time, I got lots of comments like, "WHY did you cut your hair???" or "Wow, your hair is different"... a few people said I looked younger. I really didn't get that many positive comments. But, in the end, I'm the one that has to style and groom my hair daily so I feel it needs to work for my busy lifestyle. I find shorter hair I spend less time drying and trying to straighten out my curly hair. I felt I was always working against nature. Back to you...what are your current hair struggles? Have you drastically cut your hair... and if so, what happened afterwards?

  2. Before & After Photos


  3. I have never liked my hair much. When I was kid, I always wanted long, straight hair like Peggy Lipton, and I got thick, heavy hair that largely does want it wants to and goes dry very quickly. I've thought of it as fat hair, or shaggy dog hair, or Battlestar Galactica hair. When I enlisted in the Army, I cut it to regulation length, but still had so much volume that I was informed I had to cut it again. So when I go to a hair cutting place, I tell them to cut layers to keep the volume down and avoid volumeizer shampoos. I'm pretty low maintenance, so the extent of my styling is brushing my hair. I'm so low maintenance that though my hair is going gray, I just can't deal with dying it. Length: Longer, because otherwise I'd look like I was wearing a cotton ball.

  4. Linda, It sounds like you have accepted your hair for its thickness (sounds wonderful to me since I've got thin hair).
    You have found a way to work with it by wearing a style that cuts layers into the volume.
    Describing your hair as "heavy and fat" compared to "thick and full of volume" really means it's all in OUR MINDSET!

  5. I am a new cancer survivor, so my insight may be different than expected. It's just hair! Is it important to look polished? Yes. Is it inportant to care for your hair? Yes. Does it make you feel better about yourself? Maybe. My hair almost conpletely fell out on New Year's Day 2016 after spending New Year's Eve undergoing my 2nd chemo treatment at age 42. Less than a month prior, I took charge of the situation and cut my hair SHORT - think pixie style - and dyed a strip pink. I would have never in a million years cut my hair this extreme before cancer. It was the most fun I had with hair in forever. As a kid, my hair was long - to my waist at times. I kept it that long until my first born came along, then I gradually cut it to get it out of the way while caring for a baby. I tried several styles and had enjoyed changing it up every year or so, sometimes wearing it fully straight others working with a rounding brush to try to achieve soft waves & attempt some volume. My hair is naturally thin & fine and does not hold a perm or curl. I had learned early on that I would never have beautiful wavy think tresses like my best friend. Flash forward to today - 7 months after losing my hair, I have the shortest 'do I have ever had. I love that it is easy to care for and takes only a minute to style. I think it might be thicker than ever and it's coming in curly as well as much darker than my natural light blonde. I miss my blonde - not gonna lie - but I am learning to embrace what God has given me. And now I will never wonder what it's like to have short (I mean, VERY short) hair!

  6. Pictures!! PS I wore a wig for a few months, which was also fun believe it or not because it was so close to my natural color it fooled many.


  7. I have enjoyed my hair much more in my 40's - 50's than I ever did before. I'm still not sure if it got curlier after I had kids or if I just relaxed my efforts and discovered it was what I wanted all along! Other than adding some product and scrunching after washing, I do very little to style. I've added mild layering over the years, and as I age, I am going a little shorter, but it is still basically a shoulder-length style. I don't cover the gray yet as I don't want to spend any more time or money than I do now getting it cut 3-4 times a year - we'll see if I stick to that. ;) I don't miss the years of perms, blow drying, and curling irons (not to mention constantly going to a mirror to refresh it) one bit!

  8. I am so much happier once I realized not to fight agains my hair. I thought it was cute short, but the growth on my neckline constantly needed attention and I was spending time with a dryer to style my hair each time I washed it. Now I have let it be longer with more layers, more movement. I rarely do more than scrunch it dry, and I think it is a much more flattering style. Photo with my daughter taller than me from 7 years ago, photo with my daughter who is still shorter than me from last month.


  9. My goal is "fix-it-and-forget-it" hair with minimal product. I want to move through my day with purpose and a modicum of dignity so my hair (and clothes) had better be up for the job. I do not want an elaborate hair style that becomes a wreck after an encounter with the changeable Canadian climate or whatever (mis)adventure comes my way. I don't want to have to fuss with my hair during the day other than combing my fingers through it after being out in the wind. I have coloured my hair in the past, but dislike the smells and discomfort plus the investment of time and money required to keep a hair-colour job maintained. I will, however, invest in regular appointments to keep my hair style frest and maintained. My suggestion is shop around for a good hair stylist and then be faithful. I've been with my hair stylist for 20+ years and I book appointments, at six-week intervals, a year in advance.

  10. In 2013 I stopped coloring my hair. I recently turned 46 and have loved the natural colors of my hair and the great condition that it's now in. What I've struggled with is the texture of my hair as i age. I have coarse, wavy hair that's prone to frizz. I have always straightened my hair. I heard about the Ouidad method of haircuts for curly hair and treated myself to a new style and products to learn how to live with my natural texture. It's been a real learning process but each day is getting better. I can now wear my hair in its natural state and I love how it's looking.


  11. Madies_Mom congrats on being a cancer survivor! Your insight certain gives us a helpful perspective on our hair. You have helped us see how working with what God has given us more important than having "perfect hair". Thank you for sharing.
    WorkinProgress You make a good point to invest in regular hair appointments to keep your style maintained. I often wait too long in-between and find myself battling with my hair until my next appointment, lol!
    deboraland...your photos make an excellent point-shorter hair as you age is not the "do all end all"
    kelmom2five...Wow! Stop coloring your hair-now that's bold. I agree hair texture is different when you color it vs. when you don't. Personally, I have found i NEED color added to my hair, not only to hide the grays, but to make it more manageable. Does anyone else agree with me? Is your hair not more manageable by having it colored?

  12. My hair has always had a mind of its own and I just let it do what it wants to do including growing gray. It is curly and I have lots of cow licks. Normally I like it very short but am growing it out a little as I have just had to get hearing aids. Do any of you wear hearing aids and if so, what did you do about styling your hair? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  13. I am not one to enjoy manicures, pedicures, shopping, spa days...but give me a bad haircut, and I will be just like any other gal on the block! What has made a world of difference in my life is finding a hair stylist who spent our first appointment educating me about the best products and cut techniques for MY hair. Since that first cut several months ago, I am finally in LOVE with my hair. My best advice is find a stylist who knows hair, continually educates themselves in their field, loves what they do, and teach you how to work with your hair, not against it.

  14. Last year I got tired of dying my hair every few weeks to hide the grey, so even though my husband does not like grey hair, I went to a salon and had them dye it all white. And then I put in a few streaks of teal and purple (not gobs of it, just enough to hint at bright color). I have never had bright colors in my hair before, but I have gotten so many compliments. Even my husband said he loved the auburn, but this hair is truly me. Now I can go at least 8 weeks before I need to have it redone. And I don't look like an old lady, the colors really brighten it up. I also went with a style that fits my life better and it suited to the natural straightness of my hair - so much better than getting up and spending an hour curling it every morning.


  15. Seven months ago I decided to quit colouring my shoulder length very thick straight hair. At 55 years of age it felt like the right time to embrace my natural hair rather than continuing to color roots more and more frequently. After the first inch of growth I made the bold decision to get a very short razor cut. With a trendy short cut the darker ends looked cute and deliberate. Large number of compliments and it made me realize my previous shoulder length style had grown rather tired. Although I now cut my hair more frequently, I no longer have to wonder if my roots need work. My natural colour is very interesting and looks highlighted and is still totally dark brown in the back and temples. It is also so easy to care for I wonder why I didn't cut it off years ago.

  16. I've embraced my curly hair and just go with it now. About 10 months ago I decided to go to my natural hair color, too. My stylist (who specializes in cutting curly hair) was excited about the decision and gave me the "chop." His philosophy ~ an edgy cut will keep one from looking "old lady." I LOVE the cut and receive compliments all the time. Total strangers stop me in the mall to compliment me. Last week, in Whole Foods, a lady asked if she could take pictures to show her stylist. I don't dry or style it. It's strictly wash and go. I'm a low maintenance kind of gal.


  17. Wow, I love that hair style on you! It fits you so well. Whenever I saw photos of you, I thought that you were pretty, but something kept you from being stunning. It was the hair. You are right; the new style looks so much more natural, and chic.

  18. That previous post was a comment on Missus Smarty Pants change in her hair style.

  19. My hair pic seemingly did not load. LOL!


  20. Holy hair,Batman, I fret about my hair everytime I pass a mirror. I have very thin "silky " straight hair. 5 cowlicks and 3 parts. I have, permed, colored, grew it long, cut to within an inch of it's life. It doesn't style without tons of products. I have recently taken up running, triathlon to be exact and I find its not worth the effort to style it. I also came across pictures of when I was young and my mother worked with my cowlick. She used to tell me I should be proud of my widow's peak. So I give up. I will work with what I have and see what will come of it. Now to talk to my stylist.f

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