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  1. So, I'm petite - 5'2", but not so small any more. :) I am stuck between deciding C or D body type. I'm rounder than I used to be, have always been heavy on the hips. The reason I'm not going with D is because I'm not a plus size in the clothing stores - I wear a 16. ... Medium up top. (though large breasted - D+ cup) Should I go with the C even though I have the shape of the D, but I don't buy plus sizes? Thanks! jengil_1

  1. Welcome! The D is the plus-size version of a C (both are what's sometimes called a "pear"). So I'd suggest going with C. You can always ask to switch the body type on your subscription -- just use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. :-)

  2. jengil1 This is so funny! A year ago I came to the forums looking for help on body type... today I'm back and came across this old post of MINE! Same question, but now I have lost 40 pounds and am wondering if I'm a B or a C! Looks like I should go with C, and when I I lose the rest of the weight I can re-evaluate. Typical me! Also typical - didn't want to spend any money on myself 40 pounds ago, but now I am... sad. 18 seconds ago

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