What I'm Wearing Today

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  1. Sandy, your trip sounds wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about cold arms...would a light cardigan be enough? I'm wearing forest-green skinny jeans, black flats, B&W patterned button-down shirt, navy blazer, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  1. And for the last workday of the week (because I'm off on Friday again): light tan capris, flat metallic embellished sandals, white s/s button-down, and a mint statement necklace. (The capris are a more casual style than what I was hoping to find for work, so I'm making up for it with a more formal shirt.) Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

  2. Monday's outfit: high-low dress with a colourful abstract print, brown gladiator flats, wide orange belt, silver "pearls" necklace.

  3. And for Tuesday: forest-green skinny jeans, black flats, cream/tan striped knit top, blue linen blazer, long asymmetrical necklace. Anyone else want to share what they're wearing? I'd love to hear!

  4. For Wednesday at the office, going for the more casual end of "business casual": B&W striped maxi skirt (striped on the bias because I'm a C) royal blue boatneck tee, faux gold statement necklace, and a cropped white jean jacket. Currently wearing red flats, but I'm going out for a fancy dinner tonight (SIL's birthday) and I'll swap the shoes for flat black sandals.

  5. And for the last workday before a summer long weekend (Canada Day is July 1st!), I'm wearing white skinny jeans, a bright aqua s/s tunic top, skinny red belt, and faux gold-and-silver statement necklace. I have on metallic wedge sandals while at work, but will switch to red flats because I'm going for a long walk on my way home. Happy summer, all! I'll leave it to someone else to start the next thread if there's interest.

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