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  1. Sandy, your trip sounds wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about cold arms...would a light cardigan be enough? I'm wearing forest-green skinny jeans, black flats, B&W patterned button-down shirt, navy blazer, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  1. And today: navy slacks, red flats, red shell top, white open cardigan with snug elbow-length sleeves, and an infinity scarf with a tiny red/white/grey floral pattern on navy. Since I'm in Canada, these are not patriotic colours, just summer chic. :-) I started with the red top and was going to do dark grey with it, but decided to switch to more summery colours.

  2. Finally resurfaced. Today chocolate brown pants, leaf patterned top in shades of pink, rose, tan, and white, and burgundy loafers. Wanted to keep the jewelry simple, gold loop and ball earrings, amber ring and wedding rings. Wonderer, your outfit sounds great. What is an infinity scarf?

  3. Renee, it's a scarf made in a loop instead of a long rectangle or a square. Lengths may vary...for the ones I have, looping twice around means it will cover my chest (a good look for me as a C) and three times around is fairly snug around my neck (good for keeping warm in winter, not good for pure style unless maybe it's a very light fabric). Today's outfit: medium-grey slacks, red flats, pastel yellow scoop-neck sweater over a white s/s button-down, and a twisted metallic necklace. I bought the yellow sweater a few years ago and it was a great choice -- perfect for staying warm on chilly days (like today) while still looking/feeling spring-y.

  4. I am test-driving what I plan to pack for my trip to Hawaii. Nothing too exciting since the main goal is recreation, not fashion, but I want to feel good about myself while vacationing with my family. There is even a make-up free version of my face in one of the pictures because I wanted to include my hat! I may add a simple pendant or bracelet to the plainer outfits. You ladies are always good at accessorizing and you inspire me! The "I voted" sticker accessory with the blue dress isn't making the trip with me, it was just for the day . . .


  5. Sandy, great outfits. I especially like the hot pink top. You can wear it with so many outfits. The hat looks great and will be a real asset out in the sun, especially on the water. Will you be going to the Arizona Memorial? Take plenty of pictures, and have fun! Wonderer, thanks for the info on the scarf. I'm not sure if that would look good on me, but it might be fun to try. Nice outfit, and definitely great for a spring look. Today is my Friday, and I'm the only one in the office. So I chose my outfit for comfort, but added touches. Black capris, a salmon t-shirt, and black sandals. Jewelry - a gold oak leaf necklace which looks great against the salmon, gold loop and ball earrings, amber ring, and wedding rings.

  6. Just rushing through today, will have to chat later... Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, black flats, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cardi, and a multi-coloured, multi-stranded necklace. Happy "Friday", Renee! Sandy, when do you leave?

  7. Hi Renee, I love salmon colored fabrics and am wearing a similar coral in my Hawaii test-drive outfit today. We won't be on the same island as the Arizona Memorial but I know my husband would love to visit it so maybe we will have a future trip in store. Wonderer, I also love eggplant colored fabrics and have a few eggplant colored garments as well. I think it might be a color that looks great on almost everyone.


  8. Salmon is a tricky colour for me...I do have one cardigan, but that's it. Sandy, I think you might be right about eggplant. Today's outfit: forest green skinny jeans, tan sneakers, drapey sweater with wide cream/tan/brown stripes, long asymmetrical necklace.

  9. Your Friday outfit sounded cute and casual Wonderer! We leave on 6/21. Here are a couple more outfits including a potential date-night look two ways but in need of some jewelry . . .


  10. Whoops, I forgot to check in! Yesterday's outfit: All of your travel outfits look so comfy! Today's outfit: going nautical with navy slacks, red flats, aqua/yellow/white striped boatneck top with 3/4-length sleeves, and a red pendant with a tall ship on it. Today: wide-legged white slacks, metallic wedge sandals, a red shell, and a blue linen blazer (looks like medium-wash denim), with a faux gold necklace of leaves.

  11. Completely forgot to post yesterday. Yesterday I attended a funeral so I chose black pants, black lace-trimmed shell, a blouse in shades of deep blue, green, and touches of gold, and black loafers. I wore a matching necklace and earring set, black stone with highlights of green and gold, opal ring, and wedding rings. Today it's much more casual, gray pants, a white polo shirt, and black loafers. I kept the jewelry simple with gold loop earrings, a flag pin (it's Flag Day and the Army Birthday, both my father and husband served in the Army), opal ring and wedding rings.

  12. Love the nautical and patriotic inspiration ladies! This may be the last of my vacation trial run outfits since I need to see if they fit in my bag and since these are pretty much the clothes I wear all the time I will be challenged to do without once I am packed!


  13. LOL, I know what you mean! Renee, your funeral outfit sounds very appropriate. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, black flats, drape-neck shell with a small graphic print in black/white/purple/teal, white s/s cardi to make it summery, and silver "pearls" necklace.

  14. Went blue today. Navy blue pants, leaf patterned blouse in shades of blue turquoise, tan, and white, and blue pearl loafers. Silver and turquoise earrings and ring and wedding ring.

  15. Sounds like something I'd wear, Renee! Today's outfit: forest-green skinny jeans, loose chambray button-down, long asymmetrical necklace. I wore brown gladiator sandals on my commute and, once I got into the office, swapped them for a pair of sandals I'm trying out -- metallic with decoration across the front. I'm away tomorrow, so see you ladies next week!

  16. Yea! It's the end of the work week for me. Today chocolate brown pant, leaf patterned top in rose, pink, tan, and white, and burgundy loafers. Gold loop and ball earrings, amber ring and wedding rings.

  17. Happy weekend to you two! This is the outfit I will be wearing on the plane out and back on my vacation; my bulkiest shoes so I don't have to carry them, a sleeveless top with denim overshirt, lightweight capris and a necklace. I'll probably look a lot like the other traveling mamas out there, with a focus on practicality and comfort as Wonderer noticed. Adiaux!


  18. Sandy, have a wonderful time. Enjoy, and take a lot of pictures! Yesterday was a family wedding reception. So much fun and so much food. I wore white pants, a turquoise blouse with cap sleeves, and white sandals. I wore a long pearl necklace that belonged to my mother, pearl earrings, and pearl ring. Total comfort and looked great.

  19. Renee, you sound very stylish for a summer wedding! I didn't check in yesterday because my office had an off-site training/retreat, so I just went casual with shorts and a t-shirt. I did want to mention a style misstep I had on Friday. I wore my wide-legged white pants again, with a jade green t-shirt and a white jean jacket. But too much white washes me out, and both the pants and the jacket were on the looser side, so I looked completely lost in my clothes. Won't be doing that again! I do like white skirts/pants because they make my very pale legs look like they have a bit of colour. ;-) Today's outfit: an A-line white midi skirt (falls just below the knees), blue wedge sandals with a peacock pattern, royal blue boatneck shell, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  20. And today: blue-and-white striped fit-and-flare dress, red flats, white cropped jean jacket, and a long faux gold chain.

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