scarves for short women?

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  1. I've been looking at the scarf tying primer from long ago. I am a C but only 5 foot one inch tall. So I don't have much neck. some of the things I have tried look like huge lumps. they would certainly bring attention up around my face but not the attention I was looking for. any hints?

  1. A friend also mentioned that she had this problem. We wondered whether a much slimmer scarf would be suitable - not so much fabric bunched around the neck. Someone on this forum recently with a similar problem was going to look at (slim)infinity scarves in jersey fabric, as this would be less bulky.

  2. Infinity scarves (wrapped once around) can be lengthening, yes. Or try a long scarf also wrapped just once around so the ends hang down -- and play with the wrapped loop to see whether it's more flattering if worn snug or draped a bit lower.

  3. Thanks. I will try the infinity idea. Any untied scarf smaller than a shawl is a recipe for loss for me.

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