Your most unusual clothing buy (that you loved)

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  1. What clothing item did you ever buy that was unusual for you, but you enjoyed wearing? Mine would probably be from years ago - high-heeled ankle strap sandals, which were surprisingly comfortable. Also confessing to a tiger-print dress that I wore a lot. Not exactly tasteful classics... And must have appealed to a different side of my usual image.

  1. Oooh, good question! I've been thinking about this ever since you posted it. My style is still evolving and I'm continuing to try new things (most recently, a striped maxi skirt), so "unusual for me" has changed a lot over the years. I've had a couple of dramatic chunky sweaters -- one had a huge foldover collar, another had leather buckles as fasteners. More recently, I had a grey miniskirt (out of character for me!) that I rocked with tights...still hoping to rescue that one from the stain that put it out of commission.

  2. Those sound like fun, Wonderer. I didn't mean that I had given up experimenting - just that I was hankering after my long-lost grey patent stiletto sandals which had so many good nights out...

  3. My most unusual buy (that I still love and wear from time to time) are a pair of stretchy leggins that look a lot like jeans, without pretending to be a pair of jeans, like the popular "jeans-look-alike". They are more of a jeans homage. In front they have a leopard and some leopard print. I bought them 2 years ago, and they DO need a picture. So there you go.


  4. Those are amazing leggings - great fun!

  5. Most unusual purchases: full-length burgundy wool claok with armholes, hood and belt (fun but quite impractical for Canadian winters) classic thigh-length black cape with scarf (classic garment; very useful) scarlet Irish-ish Ruana shawl (turns out I look better in a blue red rather than scarlet) backless ivory sweater (once a party-wear staple; looked great on me 60 pounds ago) griffon brooches with chains connecting the two brooches (very useful, like a sweater guard or clip) earring with a cuff and chain (which I haven't worn yet) sunglasses with heart-shaped lens (lots of fun)

  6. WorkinProgress, I love the descriptions of your cloak, cape, shawl, backless sweater, griffon brooches etcetera. I've just remembered a second-hand rabbit-fur midi-length coat I once had. I gave it away when "everyone" disapproved of fur, but had enjoyed it for a while, even though it deposited hairs on car seats etc.

  7. Also just remembered a raw silk coat-dress. I loved it until I decided to wash it instead of having it dry-cleaned. Big mistake. Then I tried having it shortened. Another big mistake.

  8. I had a very hard time adjusting to skinny pants. I am older - 66 - and on the heavier side. Once I tried them, I love them. They are quite slimming, especially in a dark rinse color. I have gotten many compliments when I wear them. No leggings yet, just slim pants.

  9. Oh, me too, Mulberry! I'm not particularly heavy, but I am a Type C (pear), so it took me a while to figure out how to style them in a flattering way. Once I figured out which tops worked well (length, cut, shape) after lots of experimenting, I found that yes, they really are slimming! And yes, dark colours -- I've got skinny jeans in dark rinse, forest green, and just picked up a pair in dark purple. Leggings are great for winter, though I usually wear them under skirts/dresses rather than tunic tops...maybe that's a way you could try them out?

  10. My favorite purchase is an alpaca scarf ordered from Russia via EBay. I paid less than $20, including shipping. Finely woven with a brilliant pattern of rich blues and black, breath-taking. I get compliments every time I wear it. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for really cold weather and I live in Georgia.

  11. That scarf sounds gorgeous. Good idea to find unusual items from ebay, without having to go to Russia!

  12. Lime green capris. They are me.

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