What I Am Wearing Today!

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  1. New thread for a new week! I'm wearing navy slacks, red flats, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, and a silver "pearl" necklace. It's still a little cool here, with a high of 60, but should be into the low 70s by the end of this week.

  1. Ooh, neat pattern! Looks nice and cool, too. Congrats on surviving another school year! Do you have plans for the summer? I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans, metallic wedge sandals, a bright turquoise tunic top (fitted, with 3/4-length sleeves), and a silver "pearls" necklace.

  2. I should add that I'm not really a big fan of blazers -- they don't fit my style, somehow -- but I really liked the combination of blazer and maxi. Surprised myself!

  3. I used to wear blazers all the time when I was younger in the workforce in the hopes they made me look more mature and 'serious!' I do think they can add a lot to an outfit if they fit well and are up to date. I think the combination you put together sounds very stylish. Your Friday outfit sounds great too! This summer we are taking the family trip of a lifetime with our two teenage sons - Kauai Hawaii. I was listing the items I intend to pack last night. The trip is hardly about what I wear since I am traveling casually with teenagers but of course I want to feel good and well put-together. Coincidently my biggest dilemma is what jacket to bring! It probably won't be a blazer and I'm leaning toward a track jacket. My arms can get cold in air-conditioning or when there is a breeze. It won't be very dressy but it should work for most situations other than if my husband and I go out to a nice restaurant. We'll see . . . Here's today's outfit for lunch with friends followed by grocery shopping in 101 degree weather (and my arms did get cold in the restaurant at lunchtime).


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