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  1. New thread for a new week! I'm wearing navy slacks, red flats, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, and a silver "pearl" necklace. It's still a little cool here, with a high of 60, but should be into the low 70s by the end of this week.

  1. I can say we made it through both concerts this weekend. Had a fun time, but we were both worn out. Back to work today. Chocolate brown pants, and a spring flowered white top with flowers in coral and yellow with green leaves, and burgundy loafers. Jewelry was simple with tone-on-tone loop earrings, amber ring and wedding rings. It's very nice today with temps in the low 70s.

  2. Glad it went well, Renee! Today: dark grey dressy denims, red flats, "patchwork" charcoal/grey/black top, mint statement necklace.

  3. Can y'all please send me your weather??? Lol!! Good morning ladies. Been a super busy week here. My new semester started on Monday and I'm already crying and contemplating dropping the class. Work has been crazy as well with all three guys getting busy at once. Today is only Wednesday and I'm waving the white flag. Today is a cool-ish day - I think we'll hit 90 but it is overcast so that helps. Today's outfit is a new pair of LLR leggings (of course - I now have a stash of about 8 pair). They are so bright and fun and of course comfortable. I topped it with a black dress belted at the waist, multi-layer gold rocker necklace, blue KS drop earrings and royal blue pumps. I left my hair down today and had spent all morning twisting it (sort of like dreadlocks) to give it some volume. Naturally that volume has fallen flat already. It sort of looks beachy though. Hope y'all have a wonderful day!! ~Amy


  4. Ooh, love those leggings! Sorry to hear about all the craziness, and I'm sure the heat doesn't help. Very busy here too. I've been doing some spring shopping, got some nice flat sandals for work (Ecco brand) plus some casual walking sandals (on sale for $30!). Also bought some clothes for work, of course keeping in mind what MSP says about my existing wardrobe and wearing items at least three ways. And I found one more store that I need to investigate...so not done yet, but getting there! Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, pastel yellow sweater with elbow-length sleeves over a white s/s button-down, and a faux diamond statement necklace.

  5. Back to a "normal ab-normal" schedule. I wore black pull-on pants, cranberry red polo shirt and black loafers. Wish I had some red shoes. They would have been great with this. Jewelry - tone-on-tone gold loop earrings, a treble clef and cross pin, ruby ring, and wedding rings. It is really muggy today. Felt like I was breathing through cotton.

  6. Sounds pretty, Renee! Ugh, I know the sort of muggy weather you're describing. We haven't had any yet this year, but I suspect it's not far off. I'm wearing medium-grey slacks, red flats, and a new knit top -- a boatneck/off-the-shoulder neckline with cap sleeves, striped in light taupe and soft white. Finished with a navy blazer and a long asymmetrical necklace. The new top looks great with navy, less so with the grey. I plan to try it with brown on the bottom, too.

  7. Good afternoon all...only 4.5 more hours til I can go home but who is counting!! Lol!! Today was another LLR day for me. Wore my new leggings that arrived yesterday and added some color to pop a bit. Coral sweater with navy tank underneath, navy/royal blue/coral/orange leggings, navy pumps and a navy tassel necklace. Comfy and cool!! Hubby was working from home so I had him to a real picture instead of just legs and feet. :)


  8. Love the colour combo, Amy! And nice to see your face for a change. :-) Casual Friday at work...I'm wearing grey crop chinos, new black sandals, a royal blue v-neck tee, a white denim jacket, and a faux gold statement necklace. These sandals are so comfy I'm seriously thinking of buying them in silver as well. (I was aiming for nude, but they don't come in that colour.) Monday is a holiday here, so have a good weekend and I'll see you all on Tuesday!

  9. We've finally hit hot weather -- highs should be around 80 all week. I'm feeling a mixture of "hurrah!" and "oh no, I'm not done filling the gaps in my hot-weather wardrobe yet!" I had bought some white pants, tried them on at home, and realized they were seriously see-through...darn!! So, back to the drawing board for summer office pants. I'm having slightly better luck with skirts, though. Today I'm wearing a new maxi skirt (a new look for me!) with diagonal B&W stripes. It makes my legs look a mile long while covering everything! (Well, mostly. It does have slits on both sides, but only up to the knee. Great ventilation for hot weather!) Anyway, I decided to go conservative for the skirt's first outing...paired it with a white s/s button-down, black sandals, and a mint statement necklace.

  10. I just pulled out the rest of my summer wardrobe and...I seem to have gained weight since last year, so most of my summer pants/capris/shorts don't fit!! :-( (My tops and some of my skirts still fit, at least -- it wasn't that much weight.) I might be wearing a lot of skirts/dresses this season... Which is what I did today: pulled out an older midi skirt, an A-line style in brown lace with an asymmetrical hem. Paired it with the cream/taupe striped boatneck top again, plus wedge sandals in brown and mixed metallics, and a stone necklace in various earth tones.

  11. I'm talking to myself here...come on, ladies, share! I'd love to hear what you're wearing. :-) I'm going nautical today with a striped blue-and-white dress (fit-and-flare style). Red flats, white cardi, skinny red belt, faux gold statement necklace, and an infinity scarf that has a tiny white/red/grey floral print on navy. Feeling very put together!

  12. And for casual Friday at work: taking MSP's advice from this week's article and mixing work/casual and feminine/non-feminine styles! Grey crop chinos/khakis, black sandals (flat but a fairly dressy style), navy lace shell, and a long faux gold chain. No layers because it's too warm today. Happy long weekend to the Americans!

  13. Sorry, it's been a crazy week! What I though was going to be a fairly quiet week turned into something entirely different. Work was non-stop. Then I had all these great plans to do things around the house since I had Friday off and I have Monday off, but I was beat on Friday and only got a few things done. Today was a combined worship service with both congregations, and since it's Memorial Day Sunday, I wore navy blue pants, white shell with lace trim, a red short-sleeve blouse that I wore as a jacket, and blue pearl loafers. For jewelry I went with gold drop earrings with red glass, an small angel flag collar pin, a silver bow pin in red, white, and blue, ruby ring and wedding rings. I found the bow pin at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. I decided the pins were enough so I didn't wear a necklace.

  14. Sounds very appropriate, Renee! Hope the coming week is quieter for you. No Memorial Day here (we honour our war deaths at the same time as our vets and our living soldiers, on November 11) so I'm at work. Multi-coloured dress with high-low hem, light brown gladiator flats, woven tan belt, and a silver statement necklace.

  15. And today: flared skirt in a B&W print, black sandals, salmon s/s cardi (crewneck with buttons), thin gold chain.

  16. Wednesday's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, knit boatneck top with wide stripes in cream and tan, and because it's chilly in the office, I'm also wearing my outdoor layers -- a white denim jacket and a navy/red/white infinity scarf.

  17. Here are some photos since I last checked in - a couple casual weekend looks and the rest work-wear. I like the outfits you ladies have described and pictured. We are hitting 100 degrees here so it's funny to see I was wearing sweaters just days ago! Finishing up the school year this week, then it's time for sandals (I only wear closed toed shoes at school because that is what is expected of the kids). Cheers to you all!


  18. And here's the outfit I wore today to celebrate the end of the school year at sixth grade graduation. After I got the green Land's End dress, I got a the purple print one on clearance. I liked that one a lot, then searched and found the blue and white print on eBay. No more shopping for me for a while!


  19. Sandy, I really like your array of dresses! It's my goal to build a similar work wardrobe. I can't seem to get interested in "Little Basic Dresses", so instead I've opted for a variety of prints that I can wear with basic cardigans/blazers/other tops. I try to buy one or two dresses twice a year...haven't found one yet this season, but then I've been focusing on rebuilding my summer basics. (With mixed success -- the only work pants I've found (that remotely work on my body and aren't too sheer over the butt!!) are super wide-legged and I'm not sure how to wear them or how versatile they'll be.) Today's outfit: maxi skirt with diagonal black-and-white stripes, paired with black sandals, a jade-green v-neck tee, a blue linen blazer (kinda looks like medium-wash denim), and a faux gold statement necklace.

  20. The outfit sounds lovely Wonderer. I have the same situation with work pants so I usually just get whatever dressy casual pants are available at Costco when mine need replacing. I'm dressed for the heat in today's outfit featuring a patterned tank top that I found at a thrift store a long while back.


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