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  1. Hi Leslie! After two years of being unemployed (we moved to a new state for my husband's job) I was just offered a teaching job this week! I have been a member for about a year and a half and give you some of the credit for my ability to stay positive during my unemployment and also loose 30 pounds. Deciding to care about how I looked, even though I wasn't working did wonders for my self esteem! Now I will be starting a new job in a few weeks and I need new clothes to go with it. I have not been buying very many clothes, since I have been unemployed, and most of those are jeans with a few nicer pieces for church or interviews. Most of my "teacher clothes" are too big for me. I have two questions: I have been looking through all of my saved pdfs for an article I think I remember on color and choosing your two or three neutral colors for your basics and then also choosing a second set of colors to build the rest of your wardrobe on. I have not been able to find that article. Could you tell me the name or date of the article or republish it? Second, I am wondering if any teachers would have advice for me on building a teacher wardrobe? I will be teaching elementary grades. Thanks so much, Leslie! Anita

  1. As a teacher, let me recommend comfortable shoes, comfortable shoes and more comfortable shoes! (cute ones, of course) LOL Seriously this one item can make a huge difference in a busy elementary school day.

  2. Anita, I also responded to that question in the other thread. Feb. 11, 2010, titled Discover Your Signature Color, and another similar one from Feb. 10, 2011, titled Choosing Your Wardrobe Colors.

  3. A relative told me about a teacher she had in elementary school, who wore nifty bows and things on the back of her head so the kids' attention would stay with her as she wrote on the chalkboard. I'm not a teacher, but I think I would wear maxiskirts.

  4. Cindy, I just checked my account. I joined 2/22/11. I must have read the 2/10/11 article but not saved it because I don't have it in my missussmartypants folder. I wonder if there is a way I can still get a hold of a copy.

  5. Melissa, Do you have any particular shoe brands you recommend?

  6. I teach first grade and have for many years. Yes, I'm a teacher but also stylish! I love basics. My 'uniform' is usually pants (black, navy or brown) and I love ts! My ts though, are well fitting from Gap or J Crew - both long and short sleeved. Knits save me money too because they are more season-less than sweaters. I add layers for fun and comfort. Instead of camis I buy tanks at Old Navy (super inexpensive when they are on sale!) These not only add warmth during the winter but can add a pop of color if I want. Imagine a black T and black pants with 2" of cobalt blue tank peeking out beneath the hem of the black top and a floaty scarf in shades of blues and purples!) To these basics I add accessories! I have wonderful scarfs, necklaces and bracelets. The take me from boring to stylish. (But always comfortable) My cardigans tend to be black since that is 'my' color. I don't buy these in colors because cardigans cost more. I always keep a black cardigan at school. I do have ones in my accent colors of red and one in turquoise because they tend to go with so much that I wear. And since I focus on select colors my wardrobe works together. I have a limited wardrobe with seemingly endless combinations. I never wear 'teacher' clothes like appliqued apples. It's just not me. I don't mess around with shoes. I wear black or brown shoes, or boots, from quality brands. I'm not going to take a chance of damaging my feet with poorly fitting shoes. There are comfort shoes in a variety of price ranges and comfort doesn't mean they are not stylish. One tip that works for me - I wear athletic shoes during my before school work time and change back into them when the kids leave. I agree totally with Leslie. When we find our style and fit and colors dressing is easy and fun! Congrats on the new job! Teaching is so important!

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