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  1. New thread for a new week. Sandy, happy 20th!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. My favourites are the black outfit with the pop of bright pink, and the white lace top with tan skirt. As for your tan dress, the camera is looking down at you, right? It probably looks fine from the height of an elementary student.... Today I'm wearing navy slacks, red flats, light taupe wrap top over an eggplant cami, and a multi-coloured, multi-stranded necklace.

  1. Good morning! A muggy day today (does nothing for the hair). I picked navy blue pants, royal blue shell, a patterned blouse in shades of blue and green with gold highlights and blue pearl loafers. Wanted to make a statement with the jewelry so I chose a necklace and earring set of stone fired with blue, green and gold highlights. Looks great with this blouse. Finished off with a turquoise ring and wedding rings. Looks like we're all ready for spring and great colors. Amy, don't you love having that one item of clothing that's comfortable and goes anywhere. Sandy, I love looking at your outfits. Can I steal that jade green dress? Wonderer, I'll check out your book. I'm one of those people who read a lot and like all kinds of books. Have a great day.

  2. Amy, I'm starting to really like J. Crew, but only on sale! Bought two pairs of pants there for 25% off a few weeks ago. Renee, your jewelry sounds gorgeous and a lovely complement to your outfit. No obligation on the book, ladies, but I'm excited about it and wanted to share. :-) Today's outfit: going nautical-businessy with navy slacks, red flats, aqua/white/yellow striped knit top, and a red pendant with a picture of a tall ship on it.

  3. Happy Tuesday everyone!! Another fun day on tap in the world of contracts for me. I received two new pair of LulaRoe leggings yesterday so you know I HAD to wear one pair today. Lol!! I'm rocking the leggings (pic posted) with a black dress that is belted at the waist and my mid-size black suede heels. Renee - I just discovered these leggings and I seriously could wear these every day. I bought my first ever pencil skirt by LLR and am picking it up tonight. I really hope it fits - if not, I'll sell it online. Wonderer - I love J. Crew but like you, I prefer their sales. Even their online Factory store is a bit pricey, but the quality is top notch and they do last forever. ~Amy


  4. I seem to be on a "blue" kick. Royal blue pants, navy blue flowered top with flowers in shades of blue and purple with green leaves, and blue pearl loafers. Jewelry matching necklace and earring set deep blue/purple with highlights of pink and golf. Turquoise ring and wedding rings complete the outfit. Keeping this short since I'm at work.

  5. Good morning everyone...it's almost the weekend!!! Today's outfit is black jeans, black suede pumps and a highlighter green t-shirt with blingy earrings and necklace. You could seriously see my shirt from outer space. Lol!! I love this color and it just screams warm weather to me. Plus it pops even more off of black. Renee - I love royal blue (it's my team color). Your outfits sounds really pretty with the various shades of cool colors. Hope y'all have a wonderful day. ~Amy


  6. Amy, I'm with you on comfy! And yowza, that really does pop, and it's a perfect colour for spring. Renee, I know what you mean about blue "kicks"...I go for runs on particular colours too. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, black flats, navy blazer, drape-neck shell with small graphic pattern in purple/white/black/etc., and silver "pearls" necklace.

  7. And today: grey slacks, red flats, cobalt-blue v-neck cardi over a white cami, and a faux gold-and-silver necklace. I've worn this cardigan a lot over the past several years, and the neckline has gotten quite stretched out...darnit, I think it's time to retire it. I just haven't found a replacement yet.

  8. This is a day for running all over the church property. So I went casual with denim capris, leaf patterned top in rose, pink, white and tan, and blue moccasin loafers. I kept the jewelry simple with small gold loop earrings, amber ring, and wedding rings. Amy, those leggings are so versatile. You'll be able to get so many different outfits with them. The lime green top looks like pistachio ice cream. Very cool. This weekend is the final Chorale concerts for the season. It's our Pops concerts and we're singing a lot of "moon" songs, Moonglow, Blue Moon, Paper Moon. You get the idea. Even though we're in our black, we can actually wear jewelry and hair clips that make a statement. I'm choosing my long silver necklace with red and gray glass circles with earrings to match, and for the final touch 3 bracelets in varying shades of dark red. The men are just wearing black pants and shirt, no tuxedos. It's going to be so much fun.

  9. Sounds like a blast, Renee...enjoy! I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans, tan sneakers with a pop of pink, a drapey sweater with wide dark brown / light brown / cream stripes over an eggplant cami, and a long metallic leaf necklace. Happy Friday, ladies!

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