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  1. New thread for a new week. Sandy, happy 20th!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. My favourites are the black outfit with the pop of bright pink, and the white lace top with tan skirt. As for your tan dress, the camera is looking down at you, right? It probably looks fine from the height of an elementary student.... Today I'm wearing navy slacks, red flats, light taupe wrap top over an eggplant cami, and a multi-coloured, multi-stranded necklace.

  1. Happy Anniversary Sandy! Your outfits look so good. Love the scarf, and really makes a statement with the different colors. The rose color is so striking and springy. Wonderer is right about the camera angle. How much bending over do you do around the students? What grade do you teach? Wonderer, the red flats always make me smile. I've had several pair of red shoes and had fun wearing them. Today was a typical run-late Monday. Gray pants, blue polo shirt with the church logo and black loafers. Jewelry is silver loop earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings.

  2. Red flats again today, Renee! Dark grey dressy denims, patchwork-style charcoal/grey/black top, and mint green statement necklace.

  3. Yesterday - gray pants, black lace shell, striped blouse in shades of purple, lavender, black, and white, and black loafers. I ramped up the jewelry. Purple butterfly necklace, matching glass amethyst earrings and bracelet, amethyst ring and wedding rings. Today - navy blue pants, cobalt blue shell, patterned blouse in blue and green with gold highlights and blue pearl loafers. For jewelry I chose the necklace and earring set, stone in shades of green and gold, turquoise ring and wedding rings.

  4. Renee, sounds lovely! Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats (again -- the black flats I bought are too big and I haven't had a chance to exchange them), pastel-yellow sweater with elbow-length sleeves over a white s/s button-down, and a twisted metallic necklace. The yellow sweater is one of my go-to pieces for "it's spring, but it's still chilly out!". I generally don't get a chance to wear it at all in the summer, so I try to wear it often between March and May. :-)

  5. Wonderer, your outfit sound very springy. Yellow and navy are so pretty together. The weather here is terrible and I'm waiting to see if I can go in to work. But I'm dressed and ready. Blue denim capris, the blue leaf patterned top, and walking shoes. Jewelry will be simple, turquoise earrings, turquoise ring, and wedding rings.

  6. Stay safe, Renee! Hope your power stays on. Today's outfit: grey slacks, black booties, purple chiffon blouse over a matching cami, long charcoal/grey/black cardi, long faux gold chain necklace.

  7. Friday's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, tan sneakers with pink highlights, teal-and-white striped v-neck tee, navy blazer, and faux gold statement necklace. I tried to combine the striped tee with my chambray button-down (like on page 4 of this week's newsletter) but couldn't get it to work at all, so gave up and grabbed the blazer instead. Happy Friday, ladies!

  8. And for Monday: navy slacks, red flats, crew-neck merino sweater in cream with black polka dots, and a mint statement necklace. I bought some more pants on sale...needed a pair of office pants in a light neutral for summer, and what I ended up with are white crops with a bit of a flare. A bit fashion-forward for me, but I think they're flattering, or will be with the right shoes/sandals. Excited to try them out! Still looking for an office skirt, too, but everything seems to be midis or pencil skirts just now...might start looking for a fit-and-flare dress instead.

  9. Speaking of fit-and-flare dresses, that's what I'm wearing today -- boatneck with blue and white stripes. Navy semi-opaque tights because it's not warm enough yet for bare legs (mid-50s). Kept the accessories simple -- red flats and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  10. Hey everyone...I have been resurrected from the void. Lol!! Hope y'all are doing well. It's been quite a ride the last several months. I used to post last fall that I kept having vertigo and just before Xmas, they found out that I had a tumor inside of the inner ear. I had surgery the first week of January - the cut behind my ear from the top all the way down and removed the tumor. It was up against the dura so they cut some of that as well to insure clean margins. The tumor was benign but bigger than they first thought. It had eaten away the endolymphatic sac and was pushing on things to create vertigo. I was back in my skates and bouted three weeks after surgery. The only residual effect is that a nerve got nicked so I have muffled hearing now. Vertigo is completely gone!! So...that's why I fell off the earth. I'm doing better now - playing roller derby full time again and slowly getting back to riding my motorcycle. I have dropped about 25lbs and have been having fun shopping again too. Working on getting a blog launched and still going to school. Whew!!! Nice to see some familiar faces here though and hello to the faces I am not familiar with. We are entering summer here in Phoenix so I am rotating warm weather clothes back out of storage. Today's outfit is a black maxi dress with lace up kitten heels and a sheer black/white striped sweater. I was lazy today so I threw my hair up in a pony tail, but I also changed colors again - a subtle mix of purple, red, brown and neon orange. It really turned out nice - looks more auburn with blonde streaks at the top fading into darker at the bottom. Sounds crazy, but it really is not. My guys would stroke out if I came in with punk rock colors. Anyway...it's nice to be back in the saddle. Looking forward to checking in with everyone again. ~Amy

  11. Oh my goodness, Amy! Sounds like quite a ride. I'm so glad you're through it and feeling better. Today's outfit: navy slacks, red flats, dark red v-neck cardigan over a white cami, and a faux gold statement necklace. I tend to switch neutrals completely, from a lot of gray (and occasional navy and brown) in fall/winter to a lot of navy and white in the summer. I love white but it makes me look like a ghost in winter until I get some sunshine! I've been going through my spring/summer wardrobe and...it's definitely time for some updates. Got enough t-shirts but not much else, and a lot of my warm-weather basics are getting pretty old and worn.

  12. Hey everyone...been a busy morning as our databases are down so we are scrambling around here. It is a gloriously hot day outside and I decided to try a new summer dress that I purchased last weekend. It is a cute chambray and white striped dress from Old Navy. I bought a L hoping it would fit and was so excited that it does. I have officially gone down a size in my clothes. I paired the dress up with nude block heel sandals and simple gold jewelry. Wonderer - it most definitely was a roller coaster ride. I am just glad the vertigo is gone. That was the worst time of my life. It's like being on a spinning ride...all of the time. :( ~Amy

  13. Sounds awful! Cute dress by the sounds of it. I'm wearing dark grey dressy bootcut denims, red flats again, a bright red shell, a long charcoal/grey/black cardi, and a long faux gold chain.

  14. Hi all!! Heading out to Cali so I'll be gone til Monday. Today was a dress down day for me. I wore my new black LulaRoe leggings with an oversized black/white striped tunic and my gold/black Kendra Scott necklace and matching earrings. I just discovered LulaRoe and now I totally get what the fuss is about. These are without a doubt the most comfortable things I have ever owned. Have a great weekend!!! ~Amy

  15. Huzzah for new favourites and comfortable clothing! I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans and a new aqua tunic top with tone-on-tone horizontal stripes, 3/4-length sleeves, and a lace-up detail in the front. Black slip-on sneakers and a thin gold necklace to finish off. Happy Friday, all!

  16. You ladies have described some beautiful clothing and jewelry combinations as we are in the transition season between cold and hot weather. I love the days when we don't need to run either the heater or the air conditioner! Outfielder, one of my co-workers was praising the LulaRoe leggings and I forgot about it until I read your post. I have too many clothes as it is but I checked out the website. I am not a leggings person other than worn as tights under a dress, but I thought some of the dresses and fabric prints were cute. What I loved best though was that the website uses non-models to show their clothes and they are all wearing flat shoes! Yay for that dose of reality because if I were to purchase something from them I can see what it looks like on a regular person wearing shoes that I would actually wear - refreshing! Anyway, here are some of the outfits I wore since I last posted. Have a great weekend everyone!


  17. Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better Amy. It sounds like you had a rough few months but the result was a positive one. Thanks for sharing more outfit photos Sandy. I'd love a dress like your jade one for myself. The seasons are quite abnormal here this year. It is May and late autumn, so it should be cold here now. But I found my self running errands in jeans and a cotton/bamboo tank top with just a light cotton men's shirt over it yesterday. Unbelievable.

  18. Good morning everyone! Sorry I fell off the earth last week, but had dental surgery last Wednesday and didn't get back to feeling human until Saturday. I've come to a revelation. I was looking in my closet, bemoaning "I have nothing to wear" and I realized that yes I do. No, my clothes are not new, and maybe not trendy, but they look good and still fit. So, even though I'm a little tired of the same things, I'm going to limit my shopping to what I actually need, which are a couple of dresses and skirts. In the meantime, I need to see how I'm going to jazz up my current clothes. I have at least 6 polo shirts in different colors, and I'm not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions would be helpful. Today I'm wearing chocolate brown pants, a turquoise/jade green polo shirt (not sure of the actual color) and burgundy loafers. I chose a green crystal necklace and green turquoise earrings. Finished off with an amber ring, and wedding rings. Have a great day.

  19. Sandy, you're rocking those patterns! I especially like the first pic with your floral scarf picking up the deep pink of your top. Lisa, enjoy while it lasts...or are you a winter lover? Renee, hurrah for feeling better after dental surgery and shopping your closet! Jazzing up your clothes...how about a few new spring-y scarves that go with your polos? You can buy them for cheap and they won't look bad, unlike some cheap jewelry. It's in the 50s (low teens) here, so I'm doing the transitional thing again. Floral dress with high-low hemline in pink/orange/yellow/green on light tan/oyster background, light taupe wrap-style top, wide orange belt, brown opaque tights, black flats. I'm thinking of wearing this dress to a book launch at the end of the month. The launch is for me -- I'm publishing a coauthored fantasy novel. :-) I'm the second one listed: http://turtleduckpress.com/wordpress/2016/04/02/city-of-hope-and-ruin-teaser-kit-campbell-siri-paulson/

  20. Good afternoon everyone...another Monday fun day!!! I spent yesterday traveling back from Cali but we managed to make a quick stop in Cabazon at the outlets. I grabbed myself a white J Crew lightweight sweater, a neon green t-shirt and a pretty pair of earrings. I just recently purchased a J Crew sweater on Poshmark and fell in love with. The quality is fantastic and it is light enough for me to wear in the warmer months. I figured white would be perfect with some of my summer skirts. I am not a big fan of outlets because their prices are not that great, but I got a good deal on everything for under $50 so I was stoked. Today, I was being lazy so I went with my LLR leggings again (I swear I could wear them every day), a black/white mini dress and my black and tan flats. Comfy and still professional enough for the office. It's warming up quite a bit so I'm going to start purging my closet again. My summer stuff is being to be unpacked - I do not even remember what I have anymore so I'm excited to shop my own closet again. Sandy - love the pics. I really like the outfit with brown in it - that scarf is so pretty. I also love the leopard. That's my achilles heel when shopping. Congrats Wonderer on the book!! That's super exciting!! I hope everyone has a great day!!! ~Amy

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