Eye Wear and Accessories

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  1. Do you recommend regarding eye wear as an accessory when it is a required part of your daily life? It is always a puzzle when selecting frames, do I go with a bold frame or something I hope is not noticeable? I can't afford multiple styles of glasses. There is no blanket rule, perhaps, but I tend to go with small earrings and if I wear a necklace it is not bulky around the neck because it feels like "too much going on." And yet, after keeping to such a plan, I feel "underaccesorized." Sometimes a brooch or pin helps, but I live in a warm climate and pins are not really awesome on light blouses....Thank you for your ideas!

  1. Ooh, good question! As a fellow glasses-wearer, I usually pick thin metal frames in neutral colours for that reason. My last pair blended into my face more (gold frames, so they almost matched my strawberry blonde hair) and my current pair is a bronze colour that's a little more noticeable but not extremely so. I tend not to count my glasses as an accessory -- I wear bold necklaces often, but not earrings (not because I think they clash, just because they're not part of my style). Recently got my first pair of prescription sunglasses and am still getting used to them -- might need to lighten up on other accessories when I know I'll be wearing them.

  2. I consider glasses an accessory, just not one that I change with each outfit. When buying new ones I try and get a pair that makes a bit of a statement but will go with most outfits. I currently have two pairs on the go, in a similar "square oval" shape but slightly different styles - one has black around the lenses and purple transparent arms, the other have a thin brown metal frame with thicker two tone brown metal arms. I am due for an eye test and probably new glasses as these are getting pretty worn. I don't know what I'll for next. Maybe a nice blue.

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