Need HELP with travel wardrobe!

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  1. Okay, I'm traveling internationally in July - and I want to travel light, but also look stylish. I'm going to be in the cities and in the mountains. Here's my wardrobe so far: grayish brown long pants (stretchy light-weight hiking pants, for airplane & train trips) gray pull-on skirt 2-3 quick dry tops: light purple sleeveless blouse, navy sleeveless blouse, pink patterned short sleeve t-shirt ivory tank top navy v-neck sweater - bamboo/cotton - very thin & packable! sleeveless travel dress? (would need to purchase?) light tan jacket navy rain jacket blue & white scarf brown walking shoes brown sandals brown & black tote (hidden travelers wallet)

  1. That sounds pretty comprehensive! :-) Do you need a warmer layer, such as a polar fleece sweater, or a second lightweight sweater to vary your layers? (Even if you're in a warm country, you may have to contend with cool nights/mornings in the mountains, or cold air-conditioning.) What about something dressier, like a dressy tank top or even a necklace to jazz up the tops you're bringing? Don't forget good socks! If you're aiming to travel light, consider packing just one jacket (a breathable waterproof fabric like GoreTex is ideal). Oh, and a hat! For my international trip a few years ago, I brought one of these (smaller brim size):,42407,33245&ap=1 -- completely squishable, more stylish than a bucket hat, and great coverage.

  2. Your list sounds very good to me but I would halve the tops. And I agree with Wonderer. Get a Gortex nice jacket and use only that. My husband and I went to southern Italy in October for 3 weeks. We didn't hike but we sure did a lot of walking. I typically travel light but this was ridiculous. I brought 2 comfortable shorter dresses to wear with black leggings and a Eddie Bauer travel black dress and black tights. I ended up buying black and gray houndstooth patterned stockings to wear with the dress in Rome because that outfit was too much black and the hosiery stores they have everywhere are so wonderful. I bought 4 pairs of heavier stockings, not quite tights, for 4 euros each. Also, I brought a drapy 1/2 wool 1/2 acrylic dark gray Eddie Bauer sweater that doubled as a light blanket on trains. It was warm to hot during the day and cool at night. Everything was black and ivory except for the sweater. Honestly I could have left one of the short dresses at home. I used a gray smallish backpack purse so I wouldn't have anything hanging on one shoulder all the time. No one is going to see you that you know and if they do who cares. I agonized over what to bring but once I got there we were going so fast and furious and seeing so much, worrying about what to wear was the last thing on my mind. Traveling light is the way to go. I have to say, I got sick of that sweater.

  3. Don't forget some great earrings and/or necklaces and a good lipstick to highlight your face and brighten your look. And as Nancy says, shop while there!

  4. I agree, you can get away with a very minimal wardrobe when travelling -- you'll be too busy experiencing the world to worry about what you're wearing, and it can be very freeing to have only a few things with you! I forgot to mention that quick-dry tops are great, but also consider a top/dress in a technical merino fabric -- Icebreaker, SmartWool, or the like. They're very comfortable and don't smell, meaning less washing!

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