Tunic suitable for a C body type

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  1. It is just starting to get a bit cold here so i am trying to get a few warmer clothes ready. I have bought 2 pairs of knit jeans which are lovely and warm but I need to wear something longish with them because they are quite tight and more like leggings. I have narrow shoulders, and a big tummy/derriere but I am fairly tall. Has anyone got some ideas of the shape of tunic or similar that would suit me and not emphasize my big lower half? I bought a beautiful grey long jumper style tunic but when I looked at it at home it was too straight and most unflattering so I returned it. Any help to get me started would be great. Maybe some of you who have just finished winter will have some ideas. Thanks.

  1. Hi margarej! Another C here. :-) I find the most flattering tunics are those with a big cowl neck (or other neckline detail) and a slight A-line shape to skim over the tummy. If you're considering a tunic that has a snug fit over the hips, try it with a belt (my "magic" belt is about 4 cm wide, but yours may differ). Also look at the fabrics -- a thin knit like merino wool shows every lump and bump on me, so better to go with a knit/fabric that's heavier or stiffer and/or has a pattern or texture to it. I've also had good luck with long cardigans that fall slightly above the knee, which can be worn open over a shirt.

  2. Thanks wonderer they are great ideas. I think I will need to buy something from a shop rather than online because it is difficult to tell if tunics are straight or A-line and skimming over the tummy. The grey long jumper i bought looked as though it was skimming but when i got it home I saw it tucked under my derriere! It also had a tight round neck whereas a cowl neck would be more flattering. The idea of a long cardigan and a long shirt is really good. i have just ordered a long cardigan but I had not thought about wearing it with a long shirt. Thanks so much. I feel much more optimistic! We have just had a burst of unseasonably hot weather but today is cooler so I need to get cracking and organise myself for autumn/winter. Thanks again for your great ideas.

  3. You're welcome. :-) Good luck and keep us posted!

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