Wedding showers and shoes

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  1. I actually have two questions. I haven't noticed any suggestions from Missus on what to wear to wedding showers. As wedding 'season' approaches, I have several to go to, but am struggling with some suggestions as to nice outfits. Also, looking at her shoe selections for this week, I saw nothing that would look nice for a super wide foot!

  1. Hi, you ask a difficult question because it IS hard to know what to wear. Wedding showers I've attended a number of years ago in the Midwest USA, tended to be rather feminine, dressy affairs (pretty dresses or skirts, jewelry, cute heeled shoes etc.) Today I'm not so sure...things seem to be a bit more relaxed and casual so I think there is more variety in what can be worn. I also think it depends on the party venue and the region in which you live. California and Florida are a lot different than Illinois and Ontario, LOL. A formal garden party shower would be different from one in a private home. Generally I would lean toward a understated fashionable look that is a bit dressier than everyday, but not too fussy. Perhaps those who have had a recent experience at a bridal shower can chime in with their experience!

  2. I would suggest taking into account the formality of the wedding, too. Whatever you're going to wear to the wedding, take it a notch or two down for the shower. You can never go wrong with a pretty dress or a nice blouse and slacks. As for the shoes, I have the opposite problem so can't help you there!

  3. These days you just don't know what people are going to wear! Look back at my DIL's bridal shower that was held at a country club, people did generally dress up. At her baby shower that was hosted by her aunt at her home, some dressed up and others, well, not so much. I'm actually surprised that some women attend showers in jeans!! No, not nice jeans either! I try to look at where the event will be held and actually, at the invitations too! The unwritten will tell you a lot, printed or hand written. There is nothing wrong with where a shower is held or how formal/informal. Personally I'd rather be overdressed than under. Good luck!

  4. My feet are super wide, too. Last time I was formally measured, it was a EEE. Have never been able to find many shoes that fit, and I've often only had just the one pair. I also have flat feet and an ankle that over-rotates, so it eliminates pretty much everything except athletic shoes. I went on a cruise last year and was horrified at the thought of a formal event, because of the shoes. I was envisioning being kicked out of the dining room because of my shoes. I ended up picking cocktail pants to hide the shoes and wearing sandals made by the same company--they look like tennis shoes in sandal form. Thankfully, no one noticed or they were okay with it. So I just ignore the shoes, because they are what they are.

  5. Wide fitting smart shoes - UK company Hotter (their shoes are available in USA - They make comfortable walking shoes and now also have pretty shoes that are dressy too, flat or with a small heel. (I have no connection with this company, but I often admire their shoes, though my feet aren't wide all over...)

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