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  1. New thread since we were on page 2! I'm wearing grey bootcut slacks, black booties, purple chiffon blouse, matching sweater-vest, and a long faux gold chain necklace.

  1. Yesterday I wanted a little Spring so it was tan pants, leaf-patterned top in shades of pink, rose, white, and tan, and tan moccasin loafers. Jewelry was gold tone-on-tone hoop earrings, opal ring, and wedding rings. Today is my Friday, so a little more casual. Chocolate brown pants, blue polo shirt with the church logo and burgundy loafers. Gold loop earrings, a treble clef and cross pin, amber ring and wedding rings. I have a lot of nice pins and am trying to use them as a statement. I know they look good on collars and jackets, but I'm not sure about other ways to wear them.

  2. Sounds pretty, Renee! I'm not too sure about pins either, but it's worth experimenting. I've gone back into winter...since I've been cold this week in the office, I decided to bring out my lined charcoal leggings and ombre grey sweater for warmth. Added a plaid pencil skirt (black/grey/cobalt), black booties, and a blue semiprecious stone pendant.

  3. Easy outfit for Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans, black booties, blue crew-neck wool sweater, and a long asymmetrical necklace. Happy weekend, ladies!

  4. Had a great weekend trip, but overslept this morning. So it's black pants, royal blue polo shirt with church logo and black loafers. Silver loop earrings that date back to the '70s (still look great), turquoise ring and wedding rings.

  5. Where did you go, Renee? I had a great weekend, too, but not a trip -- spent it at a dance festival here in the city. I was so tired this morning I grabbed the plaid pencil skirt again, forgetting I'd just worn it on Thursday. (A lot of my office clothes are on a roughly two-week cycle, except for the basics that get worn twice a week or so.) This time I paired it with semi-opaque tights, black booties again, a cream merino crew-neck sweater with black polka dots, and a black-and-clear statement necklace.

  6. And today: grabbed an easy outfit with grey slacks, black booties, patchwork-style top in charcoal/grey/black, mint statement necklace. I need to figure out a different way to wear this top...any ideas? It's a body-skimming shape (slightly loose, flaring out a little below the waist) with decorative zippers on either side at stomach level, so I'm not sure if it will work tucked in. Been meaning to try it with my forest-green skinny jeans, but they need handwashing and I just haven't gotten around to it.

  7. We went to New Iberia and St. Martinville in LA. Had a wonderful time. Yesterday was actually cool so I chose navy blue pants, 3/4 length blouse with patterned stripes in blue turquoise and white, and blue pearl loafers. Jewelry was simple with blue glass earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings. Today (since it's raining and totally yuck weather) I chose black pants, white shirt with black polka dots and black loafers. I'm wearing a matching set of earrings and necklace. Silver with silver beads and cranberry and gray glass circles. The earrings are drop with the round gray circle on the end. Black pearl ring and wedding rings complete the outfit. Wonderer, can you wear rose? Pink/rose looks great with gray and would give your outfit a spring look.

  8. Ooh, good idea--thanks! I don't currently have any solid pink in my wardrobe, but I've been thinking of adding a pink "accent" cardigan or blazer, if I can find the right shade. Sounds like a lovely trip. Today I pulled out my multicoloured dress with the high-low neckline. Usually I wear it with a taupe, brown, or white top layer to tone down the colours, but today I decided to go the opposite direction and added a navy blazer and matching semi-opaque tights. Makes the pattern look really bright! Finished with an orange belt (there's some orange in the pattern, along with pink, yellow, tan, and green), black booties, and my silver "pearls" necklace.

  9. It's still raining! I went more casual today. Chocolate brown pants, royal blue long sleeve knit top and burgundy loafers. Silver loop earrings, a silver necklace with a varied blue cut stone, amber ring and wedding rings. Wonderer, that outfit will brighten your day and your office. Saw the "Warm Weather Template" and I need so many things. I am really tired of my clothes. And I don't have one dress that fits. I guess that should be at the top of my shopping list. However, sundresses are out. A nice short-sleeve dress would be good.

  10. Hee! Just looked at my "personal style profile" for this week and it says "Navy and yellow are a classic color combination for spring." Guess what I'm wearing? Yep -- navy slacks and pastel yellow scoop-neck sweater over a white s/s button-down, with red flats and a twisted metallic necklace. Go me! Renee, I know what you mean...good luck to both of us with the shopping!

  11. I haven't been able to post much lately, but I have still been taking photos. You ladies are keeping things going with the outfit posts and inspiration! I have a special guest in one of my photos . . .


  12. Aaarrrgh, posting on this forum with photos takes a lot of effort and takes away my motivation unfortunately.


  13. And, that's enough photos for now!


  14. Love the outfits, Sandy...and the "guest"! I see you've got bare arms in a couple photos -- is it hot there? We're finally coming into warmer weather. Mid-50s today but into the 70s on Monday. I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans, black booties, a drapey chiffon blouse in eggplant, a long cardigan in charcoal/grey/black, and a long faux gold chain necklace. Went shopping yesterday and tried very hard to find a pair of white or tan pants for work, but no luck. Instead I ended up buying a pair I'd had my eye on for a while: http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/Geo+Print+Jacquard+Flare+Leg+Pant/productDetail/Pants+/342741/catwfr10028?navAction=jump&navCount=0&categoryNav=true&selectedColor=Blue/Black My first pair of print pants! I think they'll work even though I'm a C because they're dark so they "read" as solid navy, but they'll add a bit of pizzazz to my outfits. Excited to add them into my work pants rotation once I get them hemmed. Happy Friday!

  15. Love the outfits Sandy, and your "guest" had the look of "you're taking this picture of me, of course. I am the cat!" Wonderer, navy blue works for me, but not yellow. That's one color I can't wear in any shade. Went to a choral recital last night. I kept the chocolate brown pants and burgundy loafers, but wore a long sleeve white blouse with a block pattern scarf in black, brown, and white with gold thread accents. I wore my dolphin earrings, amber ring, and wedding rings. Today is grocery shopping and errand day. I'm wearing dark rinse bootcut jeans and a white polo shirt with blue and green polka dots. Wearing my walking shoes, and jewelry is blue ball earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  16. Renee, I have to be careful with yellow, which is why I don't have much of it. You sound very stylish lately, well done! We've finally hit warm weather, so to celebrate, I pulled out a spring dress -- a fit-and-flare boatneck style, blue with white stripes. Bare legs (!), red flats, skinny red belt, and faux gold statement necklace. For the morning commute, I added a white denim jacket and a scarf in black with polka dots in red/blue/white/grey. Also bought some comfortable flat shoes that I'm excited to wear, similar to these: http://www.cobbhillshoes.com/Cobb-Hill-Pearl-CH/CAG16,default,pd.html?dwvar_CAG16_color=Black&start=38&cgid=10000

  17. Two outfits to report. Yesterday, for church, I wore black pants, white shell with lace, and a short-sleeve red blouse that I wore as a jacket. Black patent-leather crocodile loafers, and for jewelry I wore tear-drop earrings in gray/black enamel with highlights of gold and red, a delicate gold cross with a small ruby, ruby ring, and wedding rings. Today I went with navy blue pants, leaf-patterned blouse in shades of dark blue, turquoise, tan, and white and blue pearl loafers. I went with the new necklace and earring set I bought a couple of weeks back. The blue and gold/pink highlights in the stones really set off the blouse. Finished it off with turquoise ring and wedding rings. Wonderer, I really like the boatneck style, and hope to find a dress with that neckline. Haven't had time to go shopping.

  18. Renee, sounds lovely! Good luck finding time to look for your dress. Continuing the nautical theme this week: navy slacks, red flats, striped boatneck top in aqua/white/yellow (just a thin stripe, the main colour is aqua) and a long metallic leaf necklace.

  19. And today: dark grey dressy denims, red flats, cobalt blue v-neck cardigan over a white cami, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace. I've had this cardigan for many years and it's getting rather stretched out...time to look for a replacement.

  20. Gray pants, jade green top with embroidered yoke and silver metal beads, and black loafers. Jewelry was simple with tone-on-tone silver teardrop earrings, amber ring, and wedding ring. Wonderer, Land's End has a lovely celestial blue cardigan. Might be worth checking out.

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