Look in the mirror at the back of your head

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  1. I'm noticing more and more senior ladies who have exposed patches of skin on the backs of their heads. A little time with a comb could spread the hair around a bit to cover the bald spot. Sometimes the ladies' view from the front is well groomed, and the back is not combed.

  1. And I'm sure you meant this as a helpful comment...

  2. I'm sure the remark was meant to be helpful. (There are quite a few single, older ladies who might not think to look at the top/back of their heads. If nobody mentions the problem to you, it could be a while before it's noticed.) Now, let me find my mirror...

  3. Good advice ~ but it shouldn't be limited to just "senior" ladies. I see so many women of all ages whose back of their head was not given the same attention as the front. We should all use our hand mirror to take a look at our WHOLE back side.

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