spring colors and seasonal colors

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  1. Hi, is there someone who can tell me which colors of tre trendy spring colors are for each seasonal colors? Thanks. vero-brittany

  1. Which season are you, Veronique? I'm a Summer and look terrible in pastels, so spring is usually tricky for me.

  2. If you are talking about the pantone colors here is what I came up with for myself. As I winter I can wear the snorkel blue color. I have a pants suit that is a sort of lilac gray but it's not a color I would want a lot of. I could wear green flash and possibly limpet shell or peach echo. I could not wear Fiesta, Iced coffee, or buttercup. I can wear the year's colors of rose quartz and serenity though they are a bit romantic for my style.

  3. Good analysis! As a Summer, I'm going to go with snorkel blue and iced coffee (wearing almost that colour right now, in fact). And MAYBE peach echo or buttercup...will have to try them on to see. I seem to be not-quite-a-summer, so I can't always predict what will work.

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