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  1. New thread for a Monday! And...this deja vu is getting spooky...I'm wearing almost the exact same thing as when I started the last TWO threads: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, red flats, and a silver "pearls" necklace. Sandy, I love your St. Patrick's festivity, and the red and black looks really sharp!

  1. Repeating myself once again. Navy blue pants, striped 3/4 length sleeve top in bands of blue, white and turquoise, and blue moccasin loafers. Two-tone blue glass earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings. Can't believe it turned cold again.

  2. It turned cold here too...grrr! Simple outfit today -- dark grey bootcut denims, black booties, and eggplant sweater with fold-over collar.

  3. Didn't want to put a sweater on, so I'm wearing royal blue pants with a white blouse. For color (and it really looks good), a white scarf bordered in black polka dots with flowers in pink, rose, red, blue, with abstract splashes of deep blue, green, and orange. Blue moccasin loafers and jewelry is an ash leaf necklace, turquoise ring, gold loop and ball earrings and wedding rings.

  4. Renee, that sounds fabulous! Today: grey miniskirt, grey leggings, black booties, B&W button-down, blue crew-neck sweater, long asymmetrical necklace.

  5. Today was simple. Chocolate brown pants, navy blue polo shirt and blue moccasin loafers. Minimal jewelry - navy blue ball earrings, amber ring and wedding rings.

  6. I love the sound of Renee's abstract scarf and Wonderer's asymmetrical necklace! Here are some outfits from the last few days. We had some cool, rainy weather but it is warming up in time for Easter.


  7. Over the last 24 hours we've had snow, sleet/ice pellets, freezing rain, and now rain. Good grief, just pick one already! Sandy, I can't tell...is the moto jacket in the middle photo off-white or mint? Today: skinny jeans, red flats (with striped socks for a bit of extra fun), chunky cream cable-knit sweater, a black-and-clear statement necklace, and an orange scarf. Happy Easter, ladies!

  8. Two outfits today. Work - denim capris, light blue polo shirt with the church logo and blue moccasin loafers. Jewelry - navy blue ball earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings. This evening for Maundy Thursday service - gray pants, 3/4 length sleeve striped blouse in shades of purple, lavender with some black and white stripes and black loafers. Jewelry - purple glass butterfly necklace, matching bracelet and earrings of purple and clear crystals, amethyst ring and wedding rings. Sandy, the outfits look so good. Wonderer, bet the striped socks were a hit. Happy Easter everyone!

  9. Wonderer, my jacket is pale grey but I agree it looks mint in the photo! Both you and Renee seem to have a great knack for choosing jewelry, both necklaces sound lovely. A nice day for a dress today and warmer weather is on the way here - hopefully you will have beautiful days coming up also. And Happy Easter to you as well!


  10. Last night was our Good Friday (Tenebrae) Service. I wore black pants, a 3/4 length sleeve dark green blouse with black stripes and black loafers. Jewelry was very simple with green flower earrings, opal ring and wedding rings. Today, since I was running errands, I wore denim capris, a turquoise polo shirt and walking shoes. Gold loop and ball earrings, amber ring and wedding rings finished off the outfit. Happy Easter to all!

  11. Back to work today after a 4-day weekend! Going springy and nautical today. Dark grey dressy denims, red flats, striped sweater (boat-neck with 3/4 length sleeves) in white/turquoise/yellow, and a red pendant with a tall ship on it.

  12. It was back to work yesterday. I chose black pants, a cranberry polo shirt and black loafers. Jewelry - gold loop and ball earrings, ruby ring and wedding rings. Today I went with royal blue pants, a navy blue flowered top with flowers in shades of blue and purple with green leaves and pearl blue loafers. My earrings are light and dark blue glass, turquoise ring and wedding rings. Hope you all didn't overdose on the Easter candy.

  13. We stocked up on chocolate but haven't eaten it all yet...so far, so good! Over the weekend I pulled out a spring floral dress (bright abstract pattern in orange/yellow/pink on an off-white/oyster background). I wore it with brown opaque tights, red flats, a chunky mottled-brown sweater, and a silver "pearls" necklace. Today I'm wearing the same dress and tights at the office, but swapped the sweater for my oyster wrap-style knit top and a woven tan belt, and swapped the red flats for black booties (brown shoes would be better, but I don't own any).

  14. Spring break from school for the kids and I. I haven't taken any photos except the one below from last Friday which was worn to clean house in anticipation of my sister's family's arrival in the evening. Other than that, it has pretty much been my uniform of pants, short boots, top, jacket or cardigan, and sometimes an accessory besides my earrings. It sounds like you ladies are putting together some lovely accessorized outfits!


  15. Hope you're enjoying spring break, Sandy! I'm wearing grey slacks, red flats, "patchwork" style top in charcoal/light grey/black, and a mint green statement necklace. We've got rain right now, but over the weekend the thermometer is going to plummet back to freezing. Not quite spring here, yet!

  16. Enjoy your spring break, Sandy! I hope you didn't have to take work home with you. Wonderer, I'll bet the red flats really make your outfit pop. Today is my Friday so I chose chocolate brown pants, navy blue polo shirt and burgundy loafers. Navy blue ball earrings, turquoise ring and wedding rings complete the outfit. Saturday we're going to a small Arts and Crafts show. Does anyone want to take bets that I'll find a piece of jewelry that I really like and will buy?

  17. Since you ladies appreciate jewelry, here is a fun little story. A friend of my husband's family passed away several years ago. She was a teacher and she loved costume jewelry. We have had her jewelry boxes in our shop packed away so I went through them the other day. In the photo, I am wearing 3 different necklaces of hers. But the cutest thing she had is a pendant of R2D2 from Star Wars! I'm sure her students went crazy for it when she wore it. I think it is neat that she had a sense of fun and shared it with her students this way. Regarding the photo of my outfit, it appears that I am violating the rule of having a horizontal line at my widest point (tunic length top ending at the 'saddlebags'), although I liked the outfit and felt good in it. Part of the effect is from the angle from which I took the photograph, but it is one of those things that maybe the camera helps me see that I might not have otherwise noticed . . .


  18. Renee, good luck with your jewelry shopping! Sandy, what a cute pendant...I'd love one like that (although I work in an office, so I couldn't really wear it to work). I think the angle might be at least half the problem with your outfit -- maybe ask your husband to take a full-body shot of you (including your head) from straight on and see if it looks any better. Or maybe it's the length of the cardigan combined with the length of the tunic. Hmmm. Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, black booties, chambray button-down, navy blazer, and a long faux gold chain. Happy Friday!

  19. Sounds like a great Friday outfit Wonderer. Regarding my outfit photo, you may be right about the lengths of the cardigan and tunic not being complementary. I only have the one tunic and won't be investing in any more! The cardigan is a keeper though. :)

  20. Good morning! Yes, I did find a matching necklace and earring set. It's a blue/purple with glints of purple, blue, and pink. I wore it yesterday with a navy blue top. The earrings looked better with than the necklace. I need a lighter color top to really show off the necklace. Back to work today, and running late. Thank the Lord I have my "go-to" outfit ready. Black pants, royal blue polo shirt with the church logo, and black loafers. I kept my jewelry simple with small gold loop earrings, silver turquoise ring, wedding rings, and a small descending dove pin on the shirt collar.

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