Shoes for small and narrow feet

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  1. I am really bummed out. Went shopping for shoes today and not only couldn't I find anything, but my tried and true SAS shoes are no longer being carried in a slim or narrow for a size 6. I wear a 6 with a AA-AAA heel. Try finding a pair of shoes in that size. Does anyone have the same problem I have, and if so, where do you find shoes? I live in South Mississippi and there's not a lot of selection. Help!!!! Renee

  1. My feet are just a little larger than yours -- I usually wear 6.5 and have a narrow heel, not sure what size. I've recently discovered that the brand Josef Siebel fits me well. Being in Canada, I can't help with exact chains, but I found this brand at a store that specializes in "comfort" shoes.

  2. Hi Renee, I have the same problem with narrow feet. I wear a 8 1/2 N. Cannot go into a department store any more and find shoes there. About 8 years ago I discovered I have bought almost every pair of shoes I own from them since that time. Shipping is free and returns are free! What could be better!! I love Zappos!!

  3. I've looked at Zappos website and my sister has ordered from them. I think I'll try them if I can find something in my price range. Thanks, everyone!

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