Land's End Ponte Sheath Dress 14 ways!

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  1. Here is my backstory. I work in an elementary school with kids who need academic intervention. I live in a smallish casual town in Northern California. My style is no iron, machine wash, natural fiber, casual clothing. I've posted a lot recently in the What I Wore Today posts so you can see what I mean. Anyway, my husband is in a high-level training class where the dress code is business professional and he is a candidate for his bosses job since his boss took another position. He just invested in two business suits and that was expensive but an investment. I took a look at my wardrobe and didn't feel I really had anything for a more formal or dressy environment than a classroom, but used his new suits as an excuse to buy an outfit that could work for such an occasion. I chose the ponte sheath dress from Land's End in Lush Tropic Green. I also chose the dress cardigan in Vicuna (tan) and point toe mini wedge shoes in Vicuna (I don't wear heels.) I don't look good in black so this dress is a stand in for a 'little black dress'. I try to keep only my favorite things and not accumulate excess, so I made myself get rid of a dress, cardigan and pair of shoes to make room for this new outfit. So here it is, accessorized with a necklace . . .


  1. By the way, the dress is made of a beautiful drapey heavier fabric in a gorgeous cut and color. I got it on sale for $41.40 although it is currently listed at $69.00. This is not meant to be an advertisement for Land's End, but the dress seems to be of a quality that it would be a good purchase even at full price (but why not hold out for a sale?). Anyway, the accessories are all things I already have and wear regularly so it more than meets MrsSmartyPants recommendation to be able to wear it at least three ways. Here are 14 different ways I styled it (all with the same shoes since they are pretty much the only pair of formal/dressy shoes I have).


  2. Pretty much a mixture of scarves, cardigans, and jewelry.


  3. I'm not a huge fan of going sleeveless, but I felt the cut of the dress made it flattering.


  4. Okay, time to put the selfie-stick away!


  5. Sandy, that dress is beautiful and I love the way you've varied the way you wear it. Looks like a new outfit each time.

  6. Wow -- great purchase, Sandy! It fits in with your wardrobe beautifully and looks great on you. And what a perfect illustration of MSP's principles! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. Thank you Renee and Wonderer, you are both so supportive and I appreciate your kind words. I'm adding one more variation with my grey cardigan, grey dress shoes that are not comfortable, and my green pin.


  8. And this one never showed up from yesterday, so that's 16 and counting!


  9. Sandy, Great pictures. I see now how one dress just can be so many dresses really! Thank you for posting your pictures and story. BTW, I like Lands End, Too. Really classic styles. Good job. Thank you. Jane

  10. What a fabulous buy Sandy. You've really bought an asset there. I love the colour, the style and many of the ways you've styled it. Thanks for sharing photos with the rest of us. I have a charcoal grey sheath dress I really should do the same with now autumn is upon us (in Australia).

  11. Thank you ladies! My husband got the promotion he was working toward and there will be a celebration luncheon next week so I will have a chance to wear it right away! Now I just need to figure out which of the ways I want to style it.

  12. Congratulations! Love all the photos of that great dress. And I especially love the dress with the scarf draped once around your neck and hanging loose on your left side (5th photo - the scarf with the reddish flowers)! Thanks for posting.

  13. Thank you Donna5! The photos help me choose the better looking accessories for sure. For example, in the photos, I prefer something that is long and asymmetrical like the scarf you mentioned, or that creates the illusion of an enlongated V neckline as opposed to a shorter scarf or necklace. The same goes for the cardigans and jackets - looking at the photos, I prefer the ones that emphasize my waistline as opposed to the ones that are hip or tunic length.

  14. I have this dress too! I have two of them actually. I love them both. The keyhole neckline in a floral print and the regular scoop neck in navy. The navy one is my LBD. I am a C, I bought the size that fits my lower half and had both dresses altered so that they fit in the top too. Tonight I will be wearing the navy one with a shimmery navy, black, and cobalt fitted jacket and navy shimmery fabric flats for a swanky affair. I wish the navy were in a v neckline as that is my favorite and most flattering neckline. Might take it to my tailor again to see about having the neckline re-worked. For now I try to adapt with long necklaces etc. I have found that they need ironing when I pull them out of the suitcase and after laundering, even though I do not put them in the dryer... but they iron up easily and beautifully so that is not too bad. I have an elbow length cardigan which I wear spring and fall with the floral print, and two light weight fabric, elbow sleeved blouses that cover my shoulders when worn to church or in the bright and burning sun. Truly a well made and versatile dress.

  15. Hi Suzer1! I appreciate hearing your experience with these dresses. It sounds like you accessorize them well and I love that you are wearing flats to a swanky affair!

  16. Sandy - I loved that look so much that I wore a long scarf asymmetrical like that over the weekend! I too prefer a longer look like that on myself as well, as opposed to a shorter or bulkier look around my neck area. Thanks for the great idea!

  17. Along the same lines: A lot of these women are very young and their styles might not be yours, but I love how the photos illustrate MSP's principles -- showing how adding accessories and individual flair can really transform a basic LBD.

  18. Glad that idea worked for you Donna5! I think that is what makes these kind of forums valuable - real people sharing ideas. Wonderer, I loved the link you provided, lots of great individual flair as you said - thank you!

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