Mother of Groom/2 summer weddings

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  1. MOther of the Groom 2 sons 2 wedding summer 2016! I am a B Petite size 12-14 Help! I don't want to look matronly. And I can't go sleeveless. Caps are ok. Any ideas?

  1. Hello mil63. What length of dress will the other members of the bridal party be wearing? And what will the weather be like? I looked on the internet for "Mother of the Bride dresses, not matronly", and found lots - both long and knee length. I saw at least two cocktail type dresses with sleeves which would be suitable. Similarly, if the mother of the bride is wearing a long dress, you could look for one with sleeves. Good luck Natasha

  2. A lot will depend on weather, location, and formality of the weddings. My mother wore a floor length straight dress with a tank style top (wide straps/not spaghetti straps). She doesn't like her upper arms, so she work a matching long sleeve lace jacket over the top that stopped just at her waist. I thought she looked quite lovely and not matronly at all.

  3. I agree with boxingdoc. And modern hairstyle, makeup and jewellery can help with the non-matronly effect.

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