What I Am Wearing Today!

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  1. New thread because we were on page 2! I happen to be wearing the exact same thing as when I started the last thread: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, red flats, and a multi-stranded, multicoloured necklace.

  1. Sandy, oh, don't get me started on flat shoes! I'll be on the hunt again soon and I'm dreading it. That's my least favourite kind of shopping (granted I haven't bought a new swimsuit in years since I rarely go swimming...otherwise that might beat out the shoes!). Renee, I have seen "cold shoulder" tops that look very classy on older ladies, and a lot of the blouses shown could be slimming since they disguise your midsection. I like some of the blouses but most of them are not quite my style. Personally I haven't gotten into the pleated midi skirt trend -- they don't work so well with flats, and they add pounds to my hips (unlike A-line, flared, or pencil skirts). I am verrrry slowly getting into prints -- a floral print blouse, shell, or dress is top of my list this season. Curious to see part 2!

  2. Oh, and today's outfit: grey bootcut slacks, black booties, purple chiffon blouse with a matching sweater-vest on top, and a twisted metallic necklace.

  3. And for Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, fitted merino sweater in cream with black polka dots, and two necklaces -- a shorter turquoise-and-silver pendant, and a longer skeleton key. Happy Friday, all! Whoever gets here first on Monday can start a new thread. :-)

  4. I've attached photos of my outfit today(red and black, school colors but not mine!) and my outfit yesterday (St. Patrick's Day). Renee, your blouse sounds fantastic and I totally agree that it would be great if all clothes were made like that! Wonderer, I agree that the pleated midi skirt is a trend I will be skipping since they are often paired with high heels and I'm not doing that . . .


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