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  1. New thread because we were on page 2! I happen to be wearing the exact same thing as when I started the last thread: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style top over an eggplant cami, red flats, and a multi-stranded, multicoloured necklace.

  1. And today: plaid pencil skirt (cobalt blue/black/grey), black leggings and booties, a cream lace blouse (over a white cami), and a black-and-clear statement necklace. It's very warm today -- almost too warm for leggings! That's quite unseasonal for this part of Canada. I'm feeling the itch to go shopping....

  2. Today, gray pull-on pants, white patterned top with flowers in shades of black, taupe, and brown and black loafers. Stone and glass bead necklace in the same shades as the top, dangling earrings in smoky tones, amber ring and wedding rings.

  3. A gray morning with a lot of rain in the forecast. So I chose chocolate brown pants and a deep red knit top with burgundy loafers. I wanted to dress up the top a little so I went jewelry box diving. Found a silver necklace with cranberry and gray/taupe circles with matching dangling earrings with gray/taupe teardrops. Added a gold ruby ring and my wedding rings. It's an unusual look for me, since I generally wear very casual jewelry with knit tops.

  4. Sounds lovely, Renee! Hurrah for doing some experimenting with your style. :-) I'm wearing my dark grey dressy denims, black booties, and a grey/charcoal/black patchwork knit top, with a mint necklace for a pop of colour. I did a little online window shopping yesterday...can't wait for the spring style preview next week!

  5. Continuing the spring theme, I pulled out a lightweight top from my spring/summer box -- an open-weave drapey sweater with wide stripes in cocoa/tan/cream. Dark-wash skinny jeans, red flats, and a long metallic leaf necklace. Happy Friday, ladies. :-)

  6. Dr.'s appt. this morning so I wore the same outfit as yesterday. It's been pouring down rain so I wore a burgundy raincoat. Had to wade through water so my shoes, feet and bottom of my pants were soaked. I was glad to come home and change into yoga pants, walking shoes and socks. Wonderer, the red shoes make a real statement. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Renee

  7. Today we've got the rain! I'm wearing a heathered gray wool dress with charcoal leggings, red flats, and a wine-red v-neck cardi, accessorized with a woven-leather tan belt and a faux gold and silver statement necklace. It's more wintry than springy, but we're in shoulder season here and it'll be tricky to know what to wear for the next month or two.

  8. Wonderer, it is such a relief to know other people find themselves wearing the exact same outfit. It's not a bad thing, but it feels like deja vu and I don't take another photo on those days. There have been a lot of them lately hence fewer postings from me! Renee, I love that you went 'jewelry box diving' and found a new way to wear stuff you already have!

  9. Here are some photos from the last week. I did succumb a bit to the spring time shopping bug and bought a couple new scarves. The infinity ones are less work for me to keep arranged. The blue one is from Target and the grey multicolored one is from the Dollar Store!


  10. Sandy your outfits look great. Love the sweater with the gold necklace. The scarves look very "springy". Wonderer, the red cardigan sounds great against the grey. Yesterday was our Lenten Cantata at church. I told everyone to wear black or as muted colors as possible. I wore black pants (easier to direct in), the draped-neck black blouse, grey hose and black flats. I kept the jewelry simple with a pearl necklace, silver flower earrings, a black pearl ring and my wedding rings. Today, I chose navy blue pants with the leaf patterned top in shades of blue, turquoise, tan and white and blue pearl loafers. Jewelry was turquoise earrings and ring and wedding rings.

  11. Sandy, cute outfits, and I love the new scarves! Renee, both outfits sound lovely. I'm still in winter mode: dark grey dressy denims with an ombre cowl-neck sweater and red flats. Haven't had a chance to go shopping yet -- maybe next week, once I figure out what I need. On my radar are: jeans, an open-front cardigan or blazer in a bright "pop" of colour (like pink or salmon), one or two patterned blouses/shells (maybe floral), some casual tops, and a pair of neutral flat shoes.

  12. Coming back just to say: today I ran across the term "groutfit", meaning "gray outfit", which is apparently a mini trend right now. Go me? (Not that I care about mini trends...just thought it was hilarious timing!)

  13. I don't know about spring shopping. Have to wait and see if it's worth to try and find something. Today - black pants with a white flowered top in shades of grey, taupe, and black and black loafers. Silver necklace with beads and stones the same color as the top, silver teardrop loop earrings, amber ring and wedding rings.

  14. Wonderer, I don't look good in black at all, so I found it funny that you shared the term 'groufit' because I wear grey based outfits all the time! Renee, it sounds like you look elegant in black with the side benefit that it is a color that works for musicians. :) Today I am wearing my dollar store scarf with a blue jacket, grey(!) t-shirt, tan pants and my short boots.


  15. Actually, Sandy, black is not in my color palette since I'm a Summer/Spring. My neutrals should be tan, gray, deep brown, and navy blue. But I use what works and what I have in the closet. Today, the ladies at church go out for lunch, so I chose gray pants, a black shell, and a striped blouse of purple, lavender, black and white. Black loafers and jewelry is a purple butterfly necklace, amethyst glass earrings and bracelet, silver and amethyst ring and wedding rings. I'm anxious to see the new Spring line-up. Hope I don't scream when I see the clothes.

  16. I'm another one who mostly stays away from black, except in tights/leggings and shoes. Grey is my main neutral, although I also have navy/denim, cocoa brown, cream, and white in my closet! My main winter coat is black...but I've had it for many years (since long before I joined MSP). Next time I'll go for dark grey. Renee, take a deep breath! When MSP posts the new seasonal trends, I mentally discard the ones that don't work with my style, and pick out the ones I can already do with my closet and the ones I'm interested in trying (which I might or might not get to -- for example, last fall I was interested in fringe and suede, but never found a piece I wanted enough to buy). Today I'm wearing black leggings and booties, a plaid pencil skirt in black/cobalt/grey, a dark brown turtleneck sweater, and a faux diamond statement necklace.

  17. Just saw the Spring Preview and yikes! What are these designers smoking? The white blouse (no ruffles) and the pleated skirt (provided the pleats are sewn in at the top) are the only things I would like to have. The rest of the clothing is absolutely not my style and in my opinion designed for the young and the skinny.

  18. Renee, I'm a spring too! I'm not currently signed up to see the Thursday emails. I found it to be tempting to look at online shopping sites, plus a lot of the things pictured didn't suit my lifestyle. It was fun for a while and maybe I'll get back to it again sometime, but for now I prefer to just look at the Tuesday emails. I love neutral flat shoes Wonderer. Share a photo or a link if you find some good ones. Today's outfit, grey(!) pants again, with my magenta top, brown cardigan, necklace and grey(1) shoes.


  19. Catherine, if you are out there reading, please visit the forum again soon - we miss you and hope all is well. You went on vacation and it seems like you never came back, which could be a fun turn of events, but if you are back it would be great to hear from you!

  20. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you're wearing green in some form. I chose black pants, blue tank top, and a patterned blouse in shades of navy blue, blue, jade green, with some gold. I love this blouse and will probably wear it until it falls apart. Wash it, hang it up, and go. Why can't all my clothes be like that? (Sigh). Finished off with black loafers, and a striking earring and necklace set. Black stones with highlights in green, blue, and gold. Turquoise ring and wedding rings complete the outfit. Sandy, your outfit looks very springy. Love the magenta top. Yes, Catherine, where are you hiding?

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