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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a really good T shirt in Canada ?

  1. Pat, I'm sorry I can't offer and help or ideas, but I wanted to add that I, too, have been looking for good T-shirts (in the U.S.). I have a certain brand I was buying over the years for inexpensive, well-fitting basic white T's, but now the brand's style seems to have changed, and the fabric, too! Everything I see these days is so clingy and so thin, it clings to every bulge and you can see through the fabric. I don't like seeing where my pants begin, and I do not want to wear a cami under a T all summer long. I would love some ideas of good brands/stores, too! Thanks!

  2. Pat, you might want to try Northern Reflections -- good quality and usually many sizes, styles and colours. The staff is very helpful

  3. I have been very pleased with the fit, wear, and laundering of Lands' End pima cotton t-shirts. They hold their shape too!!! Have tried to always buy when they're on sale (that way I actually get an extra one for the same price).

  4. Roots?

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