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  1. Hi, I am 62 years old and my Body type is C. My hair is brown and I have green eyes. I ordered my seasonal color chart a couple of years ago and I think I was a Spring at that time. Since then, I have lots of redness in my skin that I would like to tone down. I don't want to wear colors that accentuate the redness. Can anyone help?

  1. Greens and browns would tone down the redness, perhaps. Could you be an autumn rather than a spring? Have you tried any of the colour and style books - maybe find them second-hand? Then you can find photographs of colouring similar to yours, and see what is recommended. Also, what about a lightweight colour-correcting face cream to tone down the redness? Good luck. Natasha

  2. To: Teenaadams. I have similar coloring to yours, but with blue eyes. I've found Lumene CC cream to be a terrific and lightweight alternative to heavy foundations. It gives excellent coverage and has vitamin C from artic lingonberries. It's a Finnish product, but is readily available in the Boston area. Lumene also makes a BB cream that is more translucent, but that has great illuminative properties.. Arctic cloudberries are the source for the vitamin C. It smells and feels wonderful! Good luck!

  3. As a fellow red-faced woman, my best advice is: don't wear white! I haven't noticed problems with other colours (for some reason I more often have the opposite problem, which is looking washed out) but white really accentuates the red.

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