Mis-identification of Body Type?

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  1. After a few problems getting started with my membership, I was so excited to receive my body type ID and personal style articles! Only problem is, I'm not sure my body type was ID'd correctly. Before I contact (and possibly offend!) Missus SmartyPants :-), thought I'd check on the forum. I was identified as Body Type B, which indicates I would have a "small to average waist." Well, my waist is my "biggest" problem, literally! Bust is 38B, waist is 38-5/8, hips are 41-1/2. Are there any other Type B's out there with this issue? Do the Type B dressing guidelines work for you? Wondering if I should request that MSP have another look ...

  1. I'm a B with an undefined waist. I was originally classified as an E, but after emailing MSP, it was changed to a B. Contact Leslie and see if you're in the right group. She's always happy to help. Renee

  2. Thanks, Renee--I'll do that then!

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